RS PRO Through Bolt 16mm, fixing hole diameter 18mm, length 125mm - 5 Pack - HSS Hire

RS PRO Through Bolt 16mm, fixing hole diameter 18mm, length 125mm

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RS PRO Through Bolt Zinc & Yellow The highly durable zinc and yellow through bolt fixings from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO is the perfect fastener for use with non-cracked concrete consisting of grades C20/25. Available in a range of lengths and sizes to accommodate a variety of applications, the tough anchors ensure a secure fixing suitable for medium to heavy-duty loads. RS PRO through bolts with zinc and yellow passivated covering offer a highly durable fixing with excellent corrosion resistance. Features and benefits • Made with highly durable bright zinc plating and a yellow passivated finish • Ideal for use with non-cracked concrete C20/25 • Available in a range of anchor sizes and dimensions • Economical and durable • Perfect for attaching medium to heavy-duty loads Common applications Through bolts are used in a wide range of applications, ideally for when the fixture is in place at the time of installation and the hole can be drilled through. Some of the most common applications are: • Outdoor seating • Handrails • Barriers • Warehouse racking • Facade systemsThe Throughbolt is the ultimate ″through fixing″ with the hole diameter as the bolt diameter. It is ideal for bolting in place awkward fixtures without the need for marking out, removal and responding. It is a torque controlled anchor suitable for use in concrete over C20/25 strength. What are through bolts used for? Through bolts are an ideal fixing to be used to attach medium to heavy duty objects to concrete. What other types of through bolts are there? There is a range of through bolt fixings to suit a variety of applications such as: • Steel through bolts • Stainless steel through bolts • BZP through bolts • Galvanised through bolts • Hanger through bolts How to insert a through bolt/anchor fixing • Before attempting a through bolt fixing it is essential that you identify the drill bit size you need and the depth of the hole required • Once this is established, a hole can be created using the drill ensuring that any dust and debris is cleaned out ready for the anchor to be inserted • Next screw the washer on to the top of the through bolt until it is flush with the bolt • Insert the through bolt into the hole, giving it a gentle tap with a hammer if required until it reaches the end of the hole • Once inserted you can begin tightening the nut on the anchor until you it clicks. Be careful not to add too much torque as this can affect the quality of the fixing. • Finally remove the nut and washer and the through bolt will be ready to use What is zinc and yellow passivated covering? The zinc and yellow passivated covering is similar to galvanised or zinc plated covering. However, zinc and yellow passivated through bolts ensures that the fixing will remain resistant to corrosion whilst adding an aesthetically pleasing element. Can you remove a through bolt fixing? Through bolt fixings are not designed to be removed once inserted as this can cause damage to the base material and can create a hole. However, if required the anchor can be sawed off with a hacksaw.

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