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Activ' Shield Bar

UK Platforms can supply Activ' Shield Bar on a machine that will be used in an area where there is risk of being crushed against overhead hazards

Unique Safety Gap

Alerts the operator and ground personnel to potential entrapment situations and features a unique Safety Gap which can protect the operator from full entrapment.

Entrapment siren and alert

If Activ' Shield Bar is activated personnel at ground level are alerted of a potential entrapment by a siren and a flashing light.

Safety first

Once activated it only allows reverse / lowering movements, giving the operator the chance to move away from any obstructions.

Easy to reset and no down time

After Activ' Shield Bar has been triggered it is easy to reset and re-activate from the basket.

Unimpaired working envelope

It has been designed to preserve the machinery's working envelope and maintain easy access to controls.

Manufacturer designed and approved

Activ' Shield Bar was designed and approved in partnership with Haulotte, and meets all current legislation.

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