The Most Efficient Cooling Fans for The Office

We are all hoping for another hot summer, but that comes hand in hand with sweaty, sticky, days in the office which nobody is in favour of. Keeping the working environment cool and comfortable is very important and has a massive impact on how productive and satisfied employees are. Productivity is at its height when the office is at optimum temperature; which is 22°C. Luckily, there are numerous different cooling options for office spaces including air conditioning and powerful cooling fans. The cooling system you choose can depend on a number of different things, largely the size of your office space. For this reason, it is advised that when you start looking at your cooling options you take the time to work out the cooling duty you require. This is worked out based on the size of your working environment, the number of people in it and the amount of heat producing equipment, such as printers, present. Air conditioning is usually a popular choice for many office buildings as it can be very cost effective but more often than not a cooling fan can do the job. A downfall of air conditioning is that it requires ventilation; whether you choose an exhaust tube unit or a split type unit, they both require access to an open window which can be a struggle in some buildings. Office fans are very flexible, easy to use and portable so can be moved as necessary; we hope this article helps you find the most efficient cooling fans for the office.

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans offer an easy and flexible solution to industrial, commercial and domestic cooling needs. The majority of cooling fans available to hire are very portable making them ideal for a number of different environments. They provide high performance cooling for a variety of environments whilst being easy to use and set up; something which is ideal in an office environment. There are a variety of different office fans which are suitable for the office environment, available with different performance levels suitable for different size office buildings.

Office Turbo Fan

This turbo office fan out performs most conventional models by up to 50% making it a great addition to most offices this summer. It has a sleek metal design and excellent cooling performance; with adjustable 3 speed fan control it is flexible enough to suit the majority of offices. The options for placement are vast, it is floor standing meaning it doesn’t have to take up any unnecessary desk space however its compact design means it can be elevated if necessary.

Cooling Fans in Other Environments

Cooling fans are suitable for a number of different environments other than just the office. Larger cooling fans are available for use in both industrial and commercial settings. In warehouses and factories cooling fans are a popular choice; they are flexible and portable meaning they can be moved as necessary with ease. In these settings they can serve as a lot more than cooling fans, they can also be used to move dust and steam which may be necessary in a factory and in warehouses.

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