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How to Cleanse your Central Heating System

by hss-hire-uk

Although it may not seem like it with these cold February days, spring is well on its way. Lighter nights and warmer days are upon us; and whilst you may not see yourself dialling down the central heating any time soon, you will be before you know it. Once temperatures start to see double figures, it is a good idea to do a check of your central heating system. This includes bleeding your radiators, and even giving them a new coat of paint if they need it. For a full central heating cleanse, you can even give your system a power flush to really prepare for the seasons ahead and keep everything in good working order.

Taking Care of Your Central Heating

by hss-hire-uk

Taking good care of your central heating is important for a number of reasons – not only does it prevent breakdowns at inconvenient times, but it also helps to keep you safe and save you money in the long term.

Easy and Affordable Ways to Update Your Home in 2021

by hss-hire-uk

According to Google Trends data, searches for home improvement doubled on average in 2020 from the previous year – with the biggest spike being seen in July when searches increased by 350% year on year. It doesn’t take a genius to know why this was – with everyone spending extended periods of time in their home and inevitably becoming bored of the same four walls, the DIY itch got to most of us.

How to Make a Wardrobe

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The thought of making your own wardrobe may seem daunting, however by following these simple steps you can actually make a simple, modern wardrobe which can help store those extra clothing items. This wardrobe style is perfect if you’re looking to increase your storage capacity or need a wardrobe for a spare bedroom and even better – you can store so much more than just clothes if you add a few shelves or a shoe rack. Below you’ll find the materials and tools you will need. You can make the task much simpler by using cordless drills, which you can hire.