Concrete Mixers: What You Need To Know

by hss-hire-uk

Mixing concrete by hand can be exhausting work. For fellow DIY-ers on projects that require large amounts of cement or concrete, ‘how to use a concrete mixer’ is often a key consideration that ends up saving them a lot of time, money, and labour.If you’re in this boat and want to master how to use a concrete mixer, the good news is that these mixers are both affordable to buy or hire and simple to operate. No matter what kind of project you are taking on, the basic operating steps for using a mixer will be the same. Our tips on how to get the most out of your mixer will therefore be beneficial, whether you are pouring a building’s foundation or creating a few steps for your garden.How to Use a Concrete Mixer:

A Guide to Diamond Blades

by hss-hire-uk

Similar to making any purchase, when choosing the right diamond blade for your job you will want to have all the information before making your decision. There are a variety of diamond blades available meaning finding the perfect blade for the job can be difficult.


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