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Budget-Friendly Garden Updates

You don’t need to be green fingered for this top tip. Whether on a fence, wooden garden furniture or garden wall, adding a bit of colour with outdoor paint will help to brighten up the grey UK skies. You could add little pops of bold colour to your potting table or add a new lease of life to your shed with a wood treatment. Or have a go at stencilling a pattern on your patio for a feature floor. Adding a bright colour on a wall will add a modern look, a vibrant backdrop for those evenings spent al fresco. If you are worried about going too bold, you can keep it muted but fresh with timeless shades of grey, green, and white.

by hss-hire-uk

Love your Garden this Spring: Essential Gardening Tools

It can be easy to get overexcited as Spring hits, especially in the world of gardening. This can often involve going overboard when buying new gardening tools or equipment, which can be a costly process, so it’s important to carefully consider which tools you need to buy and what can be hired as and when it’s required. Buying unnecessary tools and equipment isn’t only not particularly budget friendly but it can cause you to become inundated with tools and equipment which will cause overcrowding in your shed or garage. Because of this, it is important to consider what tools are essential and which may be better being hired from time to time.


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