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Al Fresco Dining in Style: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

by hss-hire-uk
garden kitchen

At HSS Hire, we’re often asked for DIY outdoor kitchen ideas by homeowners who want to create an entertaining outdoor space. If you’re thinking of renovating your garden, whether it’s to add value or to tap into the indoor-outdoor trend of al fresco living space, we can help.

How to Break Concrete Slabs in 7 Easy Steps

by hss-hire-uk

Whether you’re refashioning a garden or giving a new lease of life to a driveway, the dreaded C-word is guaranteed to make an appearance. Many people use concrete to build everything from paths to water features because it offers stability and protection against the elements. And therein lies the problem when starting afresh; it’s incredibly challenging to remove by hand!

How to Care for Summer Wildlife

by hss-hire-uk

It is important to take steps to care for the wildlife in your garden all year round, however in summer it can be even more important. Much like humans, the wildlife we find in our gardens can find the hot weather a struggle throughout the summer months. As we all know, we see a lot more wildlife during spring and summer so it is important to know and understand what we can do to help and care for them. This includes things such as making sure you have enough fresh water on offer; both for drinking and bathing.


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