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Guide: Beginners Guide To Hedge Cutting

by hss-hire-uk
Hedge Cutting

At HSS Hire, we can provide you with the tools needed to get your hedge-cutting job done. From hedge cutters to leaf blowers, bring your modern garden ideas to life with our range of equipment for hire to finish your garden project with ease. Unsure of the equipment you need or have questions about our services? Chat with one of our friendly team members now – we are always happy to help and assist you with your enquiries.

DIY Guide: Cutting Down A Tree Safely

by hss-hire-uk
Tree cutting guide

Cutting a tree is a difficult task if you do not have the correct tools to do the job. Whether there are unwanted additional trees on your property that are obscuring light, or dead trees that pose a safety risk, it is essential that you have the proper, robust equipment for the efficient removal of trees. Here at HSS, we understand that contractors can be expensive, so we want to make this often-difficult task easy and safe for you to do by yourself. You can hire our specialist equipment for as long as you like to ensure your tree-cutting is done as safely as can be.Hire with confidence and ensure your garden or grounds are maintained safely and to a high standard. You can hire chainsaws, long-reach pruners, and hedge trimmers, plus much, much more to ensure the job is done properly.If you have a large tree cutting or hedge project and you'd like some fast and trustworthy advice, then contact us today to find out more!

11 Amazing Small Garden Ideas on a Budget

by hss-hire-uk
Laptop on the garden table

It would be understandable if you are short of budget small garden ideas. After all, a small garden gives you little space to work with, potentially leading you to think that you would need to consult landscape gardeners for help with overhauling it.However, on the contrary, we bring good news. There are plenty of beginner-friendly, affordable options that you can adopt for your small garden. What’s more, many of these solutions can be achieved on a DIY basis, provided you have the right equipment at a close hand.Here at HSS Hire, we offer a vast range of garden tools and landscaping equipment for hire. When renting any of these pieces, you can arrange for delivery to your address or collect from one of our branches dotted across the UK.Just read on to learn about many great-value ideas for a small garden and how we could assist you in giving yours a stunning aesthetic makeover.

10 of the Best Small Patio Ideas You Need to Know

by hss-hire-uk

Looking for small patio ideas to renovate your garden but worried it's too tiny? You could be tempted to overlook decorative features and go with a basic design approach if your patio is small. However, even in the smallest of spaces, a fresh renovation can make a huge impact.


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