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How to Create a Lawn Using Turf

by hss-hire-uk

The quickest way to create a new lawn with natural grass in your garden is by laying ready-grown turf. Turfing grass costs more than growing your lawn from seed, but seeds take weeks to germinate and grow, followed by careful nurturing. That makes turf challenging to beat if you need grass that hits the ground running; ready to walk, play and party on in a couple of days.

8 Steps to Creating a New Lawn from Seed

by hss-hire-uk

A fabulous expanse of manicured lawn is one of the most satisfying sights for any homeowner. Knowing you laid that beautiful lawn from scratch makes it look even better, and the good news is that growing grass from seed is relatively straightforward, even if you’re not particularly green-fingered.

How to Break Concrete Slabs in 7 Easy Steps

by hss-hire-uk

Whether you’re refashioning a garden or giving a new lease of life to a driveway, the dreaded C-word is guaranteed to make an appearance. Many people use concrete to build everything from paths to water features because it offers stability and protection against the elements. And therein lies the problem when starting afresh; it’s incredibly challenging to remove by hand!


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