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Gardening Jobs in April

March 26th 2024

Spring has finally sprung, and plant life is starting to really develop in the garden this month. As the weather can still be a little unpredictable, it is important to take the time to really care for your soil in your borders and veg patches so it is ready for the joys of what the next few months can bring.

Get on top of weeding

One way to care for your soil is to try and take control of pesky weeds. Making sure you get them while they are still small will help to ensure they don’t overtake your flowers and borders and restrict the growth of other plants. Use a hoe or hand weeder tool to get down into the earth and remove the roots to help ensure they don’t just keep growing back.

Support climbers

Climbing flowering plants such as sweet peas, clematis and honeysuckle will start to shoot out tendrils and stems so will need support to give them a chance to really stretch. Any climbing veg such as beans and peas will also need something to hold on to as they grow upwards. You can use a wooden trellis, wire frames, netting, or make a homemade cane and string wigwam to encourage growth and protect them from winds.

Homemade cane trellis frame in garden
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Look after your lawn

You’ll be able to start repairing any bare patches in your grass by sowing seeds in April. It should easily grow thanks to the start of the warmer weather, which will also mean its time to get the lawnmower out to start mowing. Take a look at our blog on how to kill weeds in grass to keep unwanted weeds and moss at bay.

If the idea of growing grass and maintaining it is too much, you may want to consider laying artificial grass, ideal for smaller gardens or even balconies.

Spring clean patios and pathways

If you haven’t got around to it yet, April is a good time to use a pressure washer to jet wash away the dirt and grime that built up over winter. You’ll be able to tackle your patio, decking, paths and garden furniture with a pressure washer, or take a look at our blog post on how to clean a patio and paving for alternative ideas on how to get rid of the grime.

Houseplants on a garden bench being watered
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Take advantage of April showers

Don’t waste any useful raindrops by collecting rainwater in a water butt. These are a great investment and ideal for storing water to use during dry spells. Available in many different shapes and sizes to suit various outdoor spaces you’ll be able to use a water butt year after year to keep your plants watered.

You can also use the water for your houseplants; as the weather starts to warm up don’t forget to keep them topped up. You could even treat them to a day outdoors while its raining to give them a low maintenance shower to clean the dust off and give them a good drink.

Install decking

As the weather gets a bit kinder you’ll be wanting to take full advantage of any warm days by spending it relaxing outdoors. A desking area is a great way to do this, and this is a good month to get it installed. We offer a range of decking options, power tools such as cordless drills and drill bits to get you sorted. Take a look at our blog for some inspiring decking ideas no matter what size your garden.

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