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How to Kill Weeds in Grass

October 31st 2023

Getting rid of weeds

Weeds - gardens biggest pests! Those who have lawns will know the importance of having healthy green grass but what should you do when you’re faced with overgrown, out of control weeds?

·       Weed killer – The most popular choice for killing weeds. With a simple spray, the weeds are covered in chemicals that penetrate down to the root to prevent them coming back once dead. You’ll be able to find an array of weed killer products on the HSS website that range from advanced, concentrated & extra tough that can be used on your lawn, paths, patios and more.

·       Hand removal - Sometimes people may not want to use products like weed killers for different reasons and would rather do it themselves. With a decent pair of weeding gloves and tools such as garden weeders & forks, you’ll be able to get stuck in and pull the weeds and their roots so you know they won’t be coming back. By not pulling the root out fully, the weeds will grow back again.

How to maintain your garden once the weeds have been removed

Once you’ve removed the weeds from your grass, there’s a few things you can do afterwards to help maintain your garden.

·       By doing regular lawn care you can encourage your lawn to grow healthily. Feeding your grass lawn food will help it to get the nutrients it needs to flourish. Aerating the soil provides it with good air circulation & scarifying your lawn removes dead moss, thatch and other material that stops your lawn growing the way it should.

·       Weeds such as dandelions & daisies may pop up from time to time. When they do, use hand tools like weed pullers and forks to remove them.

·       Raking is another good technique for keeping weeds at bay.

·       When mowing your lawn, avoid cutting it too short as it weakens the grass and leads to weak patches for weeds to grow.

How often should you weed?

As weeds grow at a fast rate, weeding once a will help you stay on top of them. But as we all know, life sometimes gets in the way and we can’t garden as much as we’d like to. The best time to apply weed killer is around May, to give all the weeds time to grow as some wont surface until that time. If you need to use weed killer for a second time, it’s best to do it before the cold weather returns.

At HSS, we have a range of weed killers, tools and gloves to help you keep on top of your garden and keep it looking at its best.

If you need any help with the type of weed killer or weeding tools you may need, get in touch with our online live chat team or contact your local HSS branch.

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Samina Ahmed

Samina is a member of the E-commerce team. She has plenty of product knowledge & enjoys writing about all things DIY.

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