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Gardening Jobs in February

Take the time to go through any seed packets you already have and get them organised into different containers for the different times of year you’ll be sowing. You’ll need to start sowing indoors if there is still a chance of frost or use a greenhouse or cold frame with added insulation for outdoor sowing. Seeds such as cosmos or salvia can be started in a propagator or on a well-lit windowsill. You could even try sowing sweet peas into biodegradable toilet roll tubes; they grow long roots that like to be undisturbed so transplanting them straight out into a container when they are ready is ideal. If you are planning to sow outdoors, you can start to prepare your beds by adding a layer of fleece to warm the soil.

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Budget-Friendly Garden Updates

You don’t need to be green fingered for this top tip. Whether on a fence, wooden garden furniture or garden wall, adding a bit of colour with outdoor paint will help to brighten up the grey UK skies. You could add little pops of bold colour to your potting table or add a new lease of life to your shed with a wood treatment. Or have a go at stencilling a pattern on your patio for a feature floor. Adding a bright colour on a wall will add a modern look, a vibrant backdrop for those evenings spent al fresco. If you are worried about going too bold, you can keep it muted but fresh with timeless shades of grey, green, and white.


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