If you want to make the most out of your time and home all year round, it's essential to always think about the following season. 


From how to effectively light up your garden when the nights eventually get darker through to looking after your wildlife, HSS have handy tips and tricks to help you enjoy your spaces, whatever the weather, all year round.

How to Cleanse your Central Heating System

by hss-hire-uk

Although it may not seem like it with these cold February days, spring is well on its way. Lighter nights and warmer days are upon us; and whilst you may not see yourself dialling down the central heating any time soon, you will be before you know it. Once temperatures start to see double figures, it is a good idea to do a check of your central heating system. This includes bleeding your radiators, and even giving them a new coat of paint if they need it. For a full central heating cleanse, you can even give your system a power flush to really prepare for the seasons ahead and keep everything in good working order.

How to Prepare Your House for the Winter

by hss-hire-uk

There’s an old fable, from the grand master Aesop himself about the grasshopper and the ant. It’s a fairly common story, with adaptations throughout the ages, so you’ve probably heard it before. If you haven’t, it goes a little like this.

24 Tips to Prepare Your House for the Winter

by hss-hire-uk

I know it’s still only July and you just want to enjoy the sun, but now is the perfect time to prepare your house for winter. You probably despise the word “winter”, but when it comes to preparing for it things work like in the Aesopian myth about the cicada and the ant; unless you take action now, you’ll never be able to do it on time. So here are a few valuable tips on how to prepare your house for the winter – and reap the fruits of your labour when it’s freezing outside.


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