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Gardening Jobs in March

February 07th 2024

March heralds the start of spring, and as the sun is out for longer and the ground thaws and begins to warm, you’ll see signs of new growth everywhere. You’ll want to start thinking about what to plant now that will emerge and bloom in the warmer summer months. We have listed the top gardening jobs for March below to help you plan this springtime.


Using a sharp, clean pair of secateurs if you ensure to cut back and prune climbing and bush roses, they’ll stay healthy and bring strong growth in the summer. Trim winter damage from trees and shrubs, removing dead wood and shape plants to encourage healthy new growth. Cut back any remaining perennials to encourage new growth.

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Feed your Borders

Apply mulch generously and fork well-rotted manure or compost into the top layers of soil to help feed it, especially if you plan to grow vegetable or fruit. If you add feed to rhubarb this will help with growth and early shoots will be ready to pull from April.

Support Climbers

If you’re thinking of growing climbing plants it's a good idea to get some kind of supporting frames in the ground now before the greenery grows too much and makes it too tricky. Climbers such as sweet peas and Spanish flags will add colour and interest to your borders ascending trellises, canes, and arches.

Plant Summer Bloomers

Get summer-flowering bulbs such as gladioli, lilies, and dahlia tubers in the ground for a vibrant summer display. Plant bare-root roses in early March in a sunny spot with plenty of space to ensure the plant has room to grow and doesn’t have to compete for light and water.

You can also make a head start on summer veg like tomatoes, beans, and peppers by sowing and keeping them indoors until they are ready transplant in your prepared borders in the warmer months. For plants you've overwintered indoors, start acclimatising them to outdoor conditions on milder days.

Remove Weeds

As the spring growing season gets into swing those pesky weeds will grow as much as everything else so keep on top of removing them to keep them under control. Aim to remove weeds by hand if possible to avoid any damage to new young shoots growing in the same areas.

Clean & Tidy

As it is best to use a pressure washer when it isn’t too hot or too cold, March is a good time of year to clean up the dirt and algae from your patios, pathways, decking, and garden furniture. Removing dirt and muck will not only make your garden look cleaner, but it will remove slip hazards from walkways and reduce the need to manage repairs brought on by unmanaged mould growth. Make sure your garden hand tools are well-maintained as they will start being regularly used over the coming months.

Karcher pressure washer jet washing stone steps

Aerate your Lawn

Inserting small holes into your lawn helps to relieve compaction and improve drainage which in turn will help the grass to grow healthily. It allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil which is exactly what your grass needs to stay looking lush and green. Make sure you wait until the ground is not frozen or waterlogged or you will damage the lawn.

Get in Touch

If you need any help or have questions about garden tools or accessories you may need to get your March gardening jobs done, get in touch with our live chat experts who are on happy to help or contact your local HSS branch.

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