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Gardening Jobs in July

June 6th 2024

We're more than halfway through the year and Summer is well underway. As July starts, there'll be new gardening jobs to do as well as repeating some from previous months, so here's some gardening jobs you can do in sunny July.

Keep a Look Out for Pests

The garden comes with many pests that will ruin your plants as well as your lawn. From aphids to slugs to leatherjacket bugs, there'll be plenty of pests around that will cause some sort of choas to your greenery. Depending on what type of pesky pest you find, there's different types of repellents you can use so make sure you do your research and buy the right one.

Deadhead Your Flowers

Keep your flowers neat and tidy is only one of the benefits of deadheading our flowers. By pruning off the brown flower heads, you also encourage new growth later in the season & into the next. Using secateurs, pruning shears, scissors or even a knife, cut the dead flower away just above the new bud or leaf on the stem.

Air Out the Greenhouse

We mentioned this back in the May gardening jobs blog but in case you missed it, we're happy to repeat it. With the temperatures rising, if you have a greenhouse, your plants may be feeling a little suffocated. This might be something you're already doing but if not, crack open the greenhouse door and let some fresh air in. Not only will doing this regulate the greenhouse's temperature but it will also give your flora air to help them photosynthesize.

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Get on Top of Borders

We've said it before, we'll say it again - weeds will grow every where, all year round! In July, grab your garden hoe & get weeding your borders. By doing this often, you make it harder for weeds to settle so your garden can stay tidy & weed free for longer. You can also use weedkiller too if you'd prefer.

Take Care of Your Terracotta Pots

When the sun has got it's hat on and temperatures rise, our plants and flowers can dry out. In July, try placing a plastic or clay saucer at the bottom of the terracotta pot. By doing this, your pots can retain moisture and keep the roots of your plants from dehydrating.

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Make Your Own Compost

Why not make the use of your kitchen & garden waste waste and make your own compost! Save everything from eggshells, fruit & veggie peel, teabags & even toilet roll tubes and leave them to break down so you can use them later on for sprinkling over your lawn, plant pots, borders and more to help your flora flourish. At HSS, we have a compost maker that'll help speed up the breakdown of your waste.

Think Ahead

July would be a good time to think about what you want to plant in your garden the following year. It might seem too early but you'll need to plant some things in autumn for them to be ready in spring/summer so get thinking and order your bulbs.

Don't Forget Your Fruit

For anyone growing their own fruit, now will be a good time to take extra care of them. No matter if you're growing apples, pears or plums, use the month of July to thin out any heavy crops & take out any damaged or underdeveloped fruits. You can use hand snips, a sharp knife or secateurs for this job and you can find them all at HSS.

There are so many other gardening jobs you can do in July like watering your plants, cleaning your patio, fertilising your lawn - the list goes on. So if you haven't already done any of these, add them to your July gardening list. For any questions you might have about gardening tools, get in touch with our colleagues at HSS either by contacting our live chat experts or visiting your local HSS branch.

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