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Gardening Jobs in May

April 16th 2024

With May fast approaching and the weather warming up, it'll be time to get on with our next batch of gardening jobs! This particular month will see flowers bud and flourish, more animals and insects around & probably an overgrown lawn! From sowing seeds to cleaning bird feeders, here are some jobs that'll keep your gardens thriving through the month of May.

Get Watering

Now would be the perfect time to start watering your crops and lawn. Tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes & other fruit & veg will be getting thirsty due to the weather heating up so giving them a good drink of water will help them continue to thrive. The same goes for your lawn. As the sun starts to shine, you'll want to make sure your lawn grows healthily. At HSS, we have a range of watering products that'll help you water your plants both indoors and outdoors. From hoses, sprayers and watering cans, there's something to suit your needs.

Apply Lawn Feed

Another way to help your lawn's health is by applying lawn feed. With added nutrients that soak into the soil, lawn feed contributes to your grass growing greener, stronger & most importantly, healthier. Check out our range of lawn feed here.

Continuing Sowing Seeds

Although we are approaching the middle of the year, it doesn't mean we don't stop planting seeds. May will be the time to start sowing seeds so our primrose flowers, sunflowers, beetroot, carrots, radish, sweetcorn, turnips and more can grow in time for the late summer or early winter time. If you need some tools to help you get the ground ready for seed sowing, we have a selection of digging and cultivating tools available to buy.

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Keep on Top of Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds will still be popping up in our gardens throughout the year in your lawn, in your patio, paved areas, driveways & other areas of your front and back garden. Like we mentioned in our Gardening Jobs in April blog, be sure to keep on top of your weeds by either using weedkiller so they can be destroyed at the root or use some garden hand tools like weed pullers to help extract them from the ground so they can't grow back.


Restore Garden Furniture

The sun is on its way so get your garden furniture ready for all your outdoor events. Give your tables and chairs a good wipe down and pop any cushions & covers in the wash so they can be clean and fresh. For your wooden furniture, it'll be a good time to apply some treatment. Throughout autumn and winter, the wet weather can damage wood so brushing on treatments & preservers can help restore your wooden furniture and prevent rot & decay. You can also apply a stain to your wooden furniture as well to add some colour. You don't have to stop with your wooden tables and chairs. Get your pressure washer out and blast away any dirt and grime on your decking, garden fences and garden gates too. No matter if you're having a BBQ, sunbathing, hosting summer parties or anything else you have planned in your garden, at HSS, we have of range of stains, preservers & treatments available to buy to bring some life back in to your wooden garden furniture.

Clean Bird Feeders

During the year, you'll have little visitors in your garden who are going to be hungry & thirsty Cleaning your bird feeders means you minimise the risk of infection & disease and provide the birds access to clean food and water. Using a long stiff brush, wash your empty bird feeder in warm, soapy water or with a non-toxic disinfectant. Rinse well and allow the bird feeder to dry before assembling and refilling.

Air Out Your Greenhouses

As the seasons change and the temperature rises, your greenhouses will need some fresh air. Cracking open the door and letting your greenhouse get some ventilation means you can regulate its temperature to protect your plants as well as providing them with fresh air to photosynthesize. If left in a humid room, your plants are at a huge risk of dying. We wouldn't want to be in a stuffy room & neither do your plants.

There are many gardening jobs you can do in May & depending on what you have in yours means your list of jobs can vary. Don't forget to clean out your ponds, sort out lawn edging and scrub down your water features (if you've got any!)

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