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DIY Winter Weekend Tool Hire

As a keen DIY’er you’ll want to keep up your jobs throughout the winter. However, it can be difficult through the colder months to get things done. With our options for weekend tool hire, you’ll be able to spend time on indoor jobs.

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What are the Most Efficient Space Heaters?

Now we are well and truly into the winter months, it is starting to get pretty chilly inside. Heating an entire house can be expensive and sometimes inefficient which is why sometimes it is much more efficient to use a space heater.

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12 Tips on Carpet Cleaning

Caring for your carpets doesn’t have to wear you out; you just need to be consistent with it. Try to think about the lovely feeling of comforting carpeting under your feet and enjoy caring for your home.

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HSS Guide to Floor Sanding

It’s amazing how tired, ageing and discoloured floorboards can be transformed into a glorious floor in just a day or two by using a floor and edging sander, and applying a beautiful finish.

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