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How to Cleanse your Central Heating System

Radiators require bleeding when pockets of air get trapped; these small pockets cause hot water to not circulate as effectively as it should meaning it can take much longer to heat your home

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Repairing Your Lawn After a Flood

The UK weather currently seems to be causing continuous problems for many, whether it be a heatwave with days of no rain, or a mass downpour and storms which wreaks havoc on your garden.

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12 Tips on Carpet Cleaning

Caring for your carpets doesn’t have to wear you out; you just need to be consistent with it. Try to think about the lovely feeling of comforting carpeting under your feet and enjoy caring for your home.

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HSS Guide to Floor Sanding

It’s amazing how tired, ageing and discoloured floorboards can be transformed into a glorious floor in just a day or two by using a floor and edging sander, and applying a beautiful finish.

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