Machine Screws

Our HSS machine screws range comes in many sizes and quantities and can be purchased online.

Used with screw drivers, machine screws are needed to fasten together different parts of various things like machinery, vehicles and electronic devices. Our selection of machine screws are zinc plated which increases their corrosion resistance, so they'll last longer. Use the screws for securing metal parts together on different things like your tools, engines, your electronic devices and industrial equipment. Each screw comes with a different head - a pan head or a countersunk head - and both have their own purpose. A pan head machine screw has a flat surface that is ideal for laying flat on all types of sheet material. A countersunk head screw leaves a flush surface when fastened to timber. Our machine screws are made by popular brand Forge-fix. Need a screwdriver? No problem, you can take a look at our range here.

If you need support about which machine screws you might need, get in touch with our live chat experts who are on hand and happy to help.

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