Decorating & Wood Care

At HSS, we have a selection of painting and decorating tools that are available to buy online.

Whether you're giving an old wall a fresh coat of paint, putting up wallpaper or starting a new decorating project around your home or on site, we will have the tools you need to get the job done. We have a wide range of paints & spray paints as well as gloss paints, that can be used both inside and on building exteriors. Available in several colours, you can choose from acrylic paints, satin paints, high gloss, undercoats, vinyl paints, masonry paints, floor paints and many more.

To give your wood a new look, whether it be indoors or outdoors, take a look at our wax, varnish, polish, oils & dye selection that can be used on doors, floors, bannisters, furniture & other areas. You can also find stains, preserves & treatments to keep the wood around your home and garden in good condition & protect it from weathering and rotting. To help you with your decorating, we have an array of accessories available. Choose from paint brushes that come in different sizes so you can decorate a variety of surfaces & materials. You’ll also find rollers, decorating preparation tools, spray guns & powered rollers, wallpapering tools and consumables, wire scratch brushes and other painting tools .

We also have a range of glass cutters & glass lifters & tiling tools & tile adhesives too.