Tillers & Scarifiers

For plants and lawns to flourish, having healthy soil is essential. Available to buy, we have a range of tillers and scarifiers that you can use on areas such as lawns, farmland, allotments & other soil filled areas to encourage better growth.

Our selection of tillers can used to break up soil to loosen it so you can plant seeds easier. The rotatory blades turn over compacted soil & bring fresh earth to the top which encourages more moisture getting to your plants so they can thrive.

Ideally used in spring time, scarifiers remove dead moss, grass cutting, lawn thatch and other garden debris with its small blades. By doing this, it helps your lawn grow vibrant & healthily.

Our tillers and scarifiers are from well known brands such as Einhell and Makita. If you need support about the type of tiller or scarifier you might need, get in touch with our live chat experts who are on hand and happy to help.

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