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Cable Handling Equipment Hire

You won't find a better solution to the problem of managing cables while laying them, than with this range of cable handling options.

We have got an array of cable handling equipment designed to lighten your cable laying and handling projects. We have got a rubber topped dolley to save on any potential aches, shear legs, cable rollers and a range of cable drum rollers and screw jacks.

Hiring Cable Equipment

We know from experience how complex, bulky and awkward some cable handling equipment can be. This is why we give you the option for delivery, or if you'd prefer we'd be more than happy to welcome you in to one of our many shops.

If you are unsure of what particular piece of cabling kit you require, then either give us a call or speak to one of our experienced team online now.

Cable Handling

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Rubber Topped Dolleys


£27.00  / week

Cable Rollers


£23.00  / week

Cable Drum Screw Jacks


£14.40 / day

Cable Drum Rollers


£72.00 / day

Capstan Winch Hire Packs


£102.00 / day