Water Pumping & Drying Equipment Hire

Our range of specialist pumping and drying equipment is ideal for emergency flood recovery or maintenance tasks.

Choose from our selection of dryers or dehumidifiers if you are looking to remove moisture from a contained space such as to reduce damp in a property after a leak or flooding, to help speed up the drying time of freshly laid concrete or plaster, or to remove moisture from carpets. We can provide specialist drying equipment for commercial use, whether that be major construction sites or office buildings.

If you need to move a body of water whether its draining flood water in a basement, emptying a swimming pool, trench, or removing large puddles, our range of pumping equipment can be hired long or short term. We can even help you tackle removing debris-filled water with our trash pumps.

We offer equipment suitable for commercial and for domestic use, but if you’re not sure what piece of equipment you need, get in touch with one of our Live Chat experts now – we’re online and happy to help.