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Hoists & Slings

Choose from our range of polyester, chain and wire slings to provide your best lifting option.

We've manual single fall hoists, glass suction grips along with rope slings and powered hoists, all available for hire. No matter what the project, if you need it lifting we have a hoist for you. If it's a heavyweight, don't worry, we've powered hoists, available on tripods, as a portable and with multi-functional capabilities.

And we have the accessories too, we have got a wide selection of polyester slings. Still unsure about what you need, then either chat online to one of our helpful technicians now or give your local HSS Hire shop a call. We're always happy to help.

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Manual Single Fall Hoists


£39.60 / day

Glass Suction Grips


£28.80 / day

Minifor Power Hoist


£130.20 / day

Polyester Slings 2 Tonne


£15.00 / day

Polyester Slings 3 Tonne


£6.00 / day

Polyester Slings 1 Tonne


£11.40 / day

Polyester Slings 4 Tonne


£13.20 / day

Polyester Slings 6 Tonne


£17.40 / day

6t 3M Wire Rope Sling


£13.80 / day