Nuts & Bolts

If you need to ensure a fastening is secure, we offer an extensive range of nails, nuts & bolts for sale.

Our selection of nuts and bolts can help in construction or for DIY projects including metal work such as bolting together RSJs, adding locks to doors to woodwork, fitting cable trays and trunking to ceilings or to secure corrugated roofing sheets to purlins. Choose from carriage, hex head, high tensile and roofing bolts joined with hexagonal and wing nuts.

We have a range of set screws that can help connect materials together in pre tapped holes without the need of a nut. You can choose from a number sizes and pack quantities depending on the job at hand.

You’ll find washer screws that’ll ensure there is no damage to the material being fastened from the force of a bolt or nut.

You can also take a look at our threaded rods, masonry nails, round & oval head nails, felt and roofing nails and other specialist nails you may need to get the job done.