Inspection Cameras & Locators

Inspection Cameras are vital pieces of equipment to get a good look into those hard to reach places you can't quite see for yourself. Here at HSS we sell a range of tools that are ideal for a range of activities, including viewing pipes, building cavities, sewers, car maintenance, and much more. They can save you hours of work finding the location of a tear in a burst pipe, for example.

When paired with a locator, and a nanoreel extension, using an inspection camera can allow you to extend the reach of your view for many, many metres, getting into gaps and cavities deep under floors and inside walls. You can take detailed pictures using the digital camera, and view them on an LCD display. This allows you to see the problem clearly, and identify the best course of action, making them perfect for plumbing, building or construction work.

If you need support finding the right inspection camera or locator, get in touch with our live chat experts who are on hand and happy to help.

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