Why you Should be Hiring a Floor Scrubber over Buying One

Keeping floors clean is essential in business, but when the flooring is so vast especially in industrial settings it can prove a hard task. This is why many businesses choose powered floor cleaning equipment such as a floor scrubber. Having a clean working environment is essential for a number of reasons but all in all it works to keep employee morale and productivity high.

Benefits of Hiring a Floor Scrubber


Hiring floor cleaning equipment is a very cost-effective way to keep your floors in the best condition possible. It is important to keep up to the cleaning of your workplace in order to meet hygiene standards and to keep employees productive. By choosing to hire rather than buy it means you only have to pay when you actually need to use the equipment, which helps with cost.

No Maintenance

Industrial floor cleaning equipment can require a lot of maintenance; something which you don’t have to worry about as you are only hiring the equipment. The rental company will generally take care of the maintenance of the equipment.

No Large Costs

By choosing to hire your floor scrubbing equipment over buying it you ensure that you don’t face any large upfront costs. It can be expensive to buy floor cleaning equipment, and they are a large investment. By hiring you can be sure that you don’t have to face any of these large upfront costs.


When you choose to hire rather than buy floor cleaning equipment it offers you a lot of flexibility. You can choose to change the equipment based on your needs at that time; something which wouldn’t be possible if you had bought the equipment.

Floor Scrubber Polisher

This floor scrubber is ideal for polishing most types of solid flooring. The large 400mm cleaning head makes it a great choice for cleaning large areas such as the floors in a warehouse or sports centre. It offers great flexibility as it comes with a choice of brushes and pads.

If you want to find out more about hiring floor scrubbing equipment you can contact us.

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