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Tool hire – what you need for a weekend of craft projects

Now the evenings are drawing in and it’s too chilly to be enjoying the garden, many of us turn to the DIY projects we’ve put off during that lovely, sunny weather. But what can you accomplish in one weekend, and what do you need? We spoke to some expert DIY bloggers for some of their tips.

Refresh a wall

Does repainting seem like far too much to undertake? Well how about taking a leaf out of Little Nanny Goat’s book, and simply modernise using a stencil? Kathryn and Melissa simply traced a pattern onto cardboard and then cut it out and used it as a stencil! What a great, and quick, weekend update!

DIY project


Roller, paint, cardboard, scissors/stanley knife, tracing paper, original design.

weekend DIY project wall stencil


Modernise some furniture

Did you inherit some beloved furniture, which is nevertheless a little tired around the edges? Are you a little bored with it, or does it not go with the rest of the room? Painting it a fresh modern shade, leaving just a little wood to show the lovely quality of the original piece, will allow it to fit seamlessly into a more modern look, as showcased by Sabrina on Apartment Therapy.


Wire wool for cleaning back the surface (if dirty),sand paper, wood stain, white paint and brush, new knobs for the drawers.

She then painted this old desk and updated the handles – all very easily accomplished over your weekend!

As you can see, a lick of paint and new handles has taken this desk from outmoded and tired to a retro piece with a modern feel.

desk renovation idea

In a rented space:

As a renter you can sometimes feel stuck with the decor that you have. But there is no reason that changes which can be undone and returned to their original state should be undertaken.

This pallet garden, for example, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess, could be adapted for succulents, and merely takes some fittings to secure to the fence or wall – nothing permanent.

DIY project pallet planter


Pallet/wooden planks, empty aluminium cans or planters, potting compost, flowers/plants of choice, hammer and nails, a saw, Dremel rotary tool for cutting through any resistant nails.

Strip your base pallet to all but the ends and middle. Pull planks off the other pallets. Arrange them on your base pallet (you may need to cut some to fit).Now affix them to your bottom pallet with nails (and a hardy glue, for resilience). Hammer nail holes into your planters or aluminium cans, for drainage. Turn the can away from you, so the seam is at the back, and carefully nail it to the pallet (it may be easier to create the holes first, before nailing on – this way, simply knock a nail through the can, then remove it and knock another through into the pallet. Now plant up your containers, and admire your work!

So, why not try to fit a small but exciting DIY project into your weekend?

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