How to Keep Your Building Site Well Lit

It’s obviously very important for health and safety reasons that you have your Building Site well lit so your employees can complete jobs efficiently and safely. There’s a mixture of different lighting options for you to have on your building site, in order for you to have light in the different areas in which you need it.

Here are a few different lighting options which HSS Hire all supply, which should be ideal for you to light up the different areas of your building site with.

Smithlight – This is a battery powered LED light. It’s energy efficient and is the ‘greener’ alternative to the more traditional types of lighting which are halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lighting. It can either be used just as a single work light to light up a certain area, or in multiples to light up places like walkways.

Festoon Lights – These lights are used for general, low-level lighting. They are a very traditional way of lighting up an area. You can string them along scaffolding, fencing or trees. They have safe, weatherproof bulb holders and 10 x 20 watt bulbs set 2 metres apart from one another. The total length of them is 22 metre’s.

Contractor Light – These lights are perfect for creating on-site floodlighting without the need for heavy-duty generators. They’re powerful fluorescent units which produce as much light as a 300 watt tungsten halogen bulb. They also only need 36 watts of power. They will illuminate large areas of your building site by linking up to 55 lights. They also have a convenient socket to power tools or more lights.

Self-Righting Work Light – These lights can be used as a single unit or linked together to form an effective light chain. They have 36 watt fluorescent tubes and would easily provide light all around any working space. They have a rubber counterweight base which will ensure that the light will return to its upright position if it happens to be knocked down or pushed. They’re also very portable, and also have a 5 metre cable and a 16A power socket.

Stand Floodlights – If you have any awkward and tight spaces within your building site which need light, these powerful fully enclosed floodlights would be perfect. They use halogen bulbs and can be used either free standing or hand-held.

Telescopic Floodlights – These lights are brilliant site lights and would easily light up any large areas that you have on your building site. They’re tripod mounted and fully enclosed. They would be ideal for either indoor or outdoor high level on-site lighting. There’s a choice of either single or twin halogen light heads.

Mast Floodlights – These are twin floodlights mounted on a 6 metre telescopic tripod mast. They use twin 500 watt tungsten halogen lamps and are able to light wide areas from the high tripod stands. These would be perfect for lighting really large areas on your building site.

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