The HSS Guide to Keeping Cool in the Office

The temperatures are really beginning to soar now that summer is truly underway. Whilst we may all love basking in the hot temperatures outside, it can be difficult to endure the heat whilst sat in an office. There are a few ways to go about keeping cool in the office and make sure that the heat doesn’t take its toll on productivity. The optimum temperature for working is 22° so it is important to keep the office as cool as possible to maintain maximum productivity.

In addition to keeping cool throughout summer, it is important to keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is essential all year round but even more so in the heat as you will quickly feel the effects of dehydration when it’s hot. It is important to encourage employees to stay hydrated and make sure that there is a good water supply.

If your office is feeling the effects of the heat this summer, there are a few different options for cooling.

Air Conditioning

In office settings air conditioning units are generally the most popular choice for cooling. Hiring an air cooler unit is very cost effective and works well in office settings as they do require ventilation. For office cooling there are two types of air conditioning units which are most often used; exhaust tube and split type. Exhaust tube is the most popular and cost-effective option; it does require a nearby window to serve as ventilation for the hot air. Split type units are more flexible and as they comprise of two parts they can be placed further away from a vent or window than the exhaust tube types.

Office Fans

For smaller offices or offices which lack ventilation, office fans can be a good option. They are available in various sizes and provide high performance cooling. There are many benefits to office fans, one main one being that they are portable and therefore can be moved around as you please.

Keeping cool at work is important and can have a direct impact on productivity. If you want more information about how to keep your office cool this summer, contact us for more information.

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