Make Your Own Unique Stepping Stones

Buying stepping stones that have different designs on them can be quite pricey, especially when compared with making your own. If you want to add flair to your garden, making your own stepping stones is an easy way.

Concrete stepping stones are relatively easy to make. You will need a rubber mould in the shape and pattern that you require – using several moulds at a time can get the job done faster. You can also use rhubarb leaves to create interesting and bespoke stepping stones.

Cement mixer hire can make the job easier as you can mix a lot more cement at one time. Simply create your mix and pour it into your moulds – flattening each one so they will sit properly.

Once the cement has set, the stepping stones should be easy to remove. Once you have the amount you need, either set them in place using more concrete or secure them in a gravel path.


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