November Garden Activity

Now the clocks have gone back, and the cold weather is well on its way, it is time to start thinking about protecting your garden and preparing it for winter. Tender plants will need to be protected from the frost and snow, so it is important to move them if possible, into a greenhouse or sheltered spot. If they cannot be moved, they can always be wrapped. It is also important to tend to fallen leaves and maintain the lawn properly before it begins to form a frost or become water logged.

Flowers and Plants

It is important not to feed plants during the winter as they aren’t growing anymore and therefore the food will just be washed away by the rain and potentially into rivers and streams. As mentioned, tender plants and bulbs need to be protected, either by bringing them indoors, moving them into shelter or by wrapping them.

There are some flowers you can plant now to flower in spring such as tulips and lilies.

Lawn Care

Make sure to rake fallen leaves off lawns as they can stop light and moisture reaching the grass. In early winter and autumn, you may still need to mow your lawn as until the temperature drops below 5°C the grass will still grow. Make sure to mow your lawn on a low blade setting and less frequently than you would in summer in order to avoid causing the terrain to stress.

As long as the lawn is not waterlogged or frosted over you can still perform autumn lawn care tasks which include aerating and rotavating. There are several benefits to aerating and rotavating your lawn. Aerating allows air, water and nutrients to get into the roots of the lawn in order to relieve soil compaction. Rotavating then improves drainage and helps to prepare the ground for planting vegetables among other crops. It is important to perform these tasks before it becomes too wet or frosty to do so.


Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife as food sources can be scarce. Therefore, it is important to keep supplies of food and water full always to encourage birds and other wildlife to come into your garden for food.

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