HSS Guide to Harness Kits

When working at height you should always carry out a risk assessment to find out the right type of harness.

Personal Fall Protection Harnesses
Work restraint

When working on Powered Access platforms, lanyards must be used to attach the harness to a secure anchoring point (Powered Access Harness Kit), thereby keeping the user in the basket.

Fall arrest

When the task requires more freedom of movement and a fall could occur, Personal Fall Protection harnesses should be used to create a fall arrest system protecting you from the consequences of a fall.


What features are contained in the kit?
Harness kits are:
  • CE marked and tested (Harness EN361 Adjustable Lanyard EN358)
  • Individually serial numbered for traceability
  • Supplied with clear instructions and pocket inspection card
  • Supplied with an individually serial numbered ‘Product History Card’ – a certificate of conformity and inpsection record in one

When working at height it is essential you remian vigilant and take the necessary precuations to stay safe. For a detailed guide on the risks that come with working at height, and the measures you should take, read our dedicated head from heights guide.

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