5 Small Garden Ideas

March 26th 2021

A small garden, or no garden at all, can be challenging. Especially, through the summer months and given current coronavirus restrictions. Spring/summer 2020 highlighted just how important having a garden was – after all we were spending so much time there.

In May 2020, the ONS reported that 1 in 8 households in the UK had no garden – with the percentage being higher in London. In this article, we’re going to look at how you can make the most of a small garden – but, also some tips and tricks for making the most of the summer sun if you don’t have a garden.

How to Design a Small Garden

When designing a small garden, you may be worried about what you are able to do with the space. However, there are multiple ways you can work with what you’ve got to create the garden of your dreams.

One of the first things you need to consider when designing a small garden is how you can make it feel bigger – if that is what you want. Start by assessing the space you have – taking measurements so that you start practising. Start to consider your dream garden – what types of furniture do you want? Do you want space for entertaining? Does the sun hit a certain spot?

Questions such as the above will help guide you to the type of garden space you can create – and then you can consider all the ways to work this into your space.

small back garden fence

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

As with any kind of home design, there are various ways you can make your garden appear bigger. Through some clever colour palettes and furniture arranging, you can create the illusion of a bigger garden.

Optimising your garden storage, carefully planning flower displays and placing garden furniture strategically can help to open up your garden space – creating the haven you have always dreamed of.

Small Garden Ideas

1.Work Up

When you have a small room in your house, how do you fit in your storage? You work upwards. Using cupboards and shelves is a great way to utilise wall space and save on floor space – the same goes for your garden. Use garden walls and fences for hanging baskets, trailing plants such as geraniums and creating flower walls.

2.Make Use of Bright Flowers

When you’re looking to create the illusion of a bigger space, you want to avoid dark colours – instead go for light and bright shades. In your garden, you can do this with flowers as well as patio, decking and furniture. Golden and pale yellows are great for brightening up smaller spaces and help sunlight bounce off features – warmer colours such as oranges and reds help spaces feel cosier, so whilst they work for intimate spaces they should be avoided if you want to open up your garden space.

3.Be Clever with Furniture

Whilst garden furniture is incredibly useful and can really light up a space – it needs to be implemented strategically in a smaller garden. Too much, or the wrong type, of garden furniture can clutter and crowd a small space. Choose lighter shades such as pale greys and beiges and opt for more pieces of smaller furniture – so a few stools or bistro chairs and a table rather than single bulky pieces such as a bench or sofa.

4.Diagonal Paving

Making a garden appear bigger is all about the optical illusion – and here is another one for you. Patio that is laid square can actually make your garden appear smaller. So, instead if you pave diagonally you can very simply change the appearance of your garden. This trick on the eyes is a great way to add an interesting element to your garden whilst also opening up the space.

5.Make Use of Plant Pots

Planting flowers, trees and bushes can be a big commitment – especially in a smaller garden as having the ability to revamp the space at a moment’s notice can come in handy. Planting flowers and trees in pots is ideal as you can still add natural elements to the space, but you can pick them up and move them as you please. It is also a great way to accessories – choose pots that compliment your space and design.

Making the Most of The Sun without a Garden


The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has really highlighted how beneficial a garden is – however, not everyone has easy access to one. Especially those living in flats, or in the city. One of the best ways you can enjoy the sun and some of the natural elements is to make use of any balcony space you have – you can purchase mini greenhouses, pots and plants to dress up your balcony and enjoy some gardening. Add in some small pieces of furniture if you have the space and you’ll be basking in the sun in no time.

Whatever access you have to a garden, and no matter how small there are a variety of ways to enjoy the space you have. Some clever hacks and optical illusions can help you curate the ideal garden space.

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