What are Electric Blower Heaters and How do They Work?

October 16th 2019

An electric blower heater or fan heater is quite a popular choice for heating, especially in the home and in offices or smaller working environments. They work by moving air over a heating element and then into the room; portable electric blower heater models can be plugged into a power outlet.

How Does an Electric Blower Heater Work?

Electric blower heaters work by converting electrical energy into heat energy through a resistive heating coil. The air is then moved over the heating coil using a fan; the air is then warmed and pushed out into the room which requires heating.

Where Can They Be Used?

Depending on their size, electric blower heaters can be used in a variety of environments. Smaller fan heaters work well in smaller domestic rooms and offices whereas large industrial blower heaters such as 3-phase blower heaters can heat factories, warehouses and sites. Smaller fan heaters are great for offices and domestic rooms as they heat up quick and are portable so can be used wherever necessary. Electric fan heaters can be used inside as they don’t require fuel and therefore don’t need ventilation however fan heaters shouldn’t be used in humid environments such as restrooms and showers.


There are a number of benefits to fan heaters, the main one being how quickly they heat up. Fan heaters are able to warm up enclosed spaces much quicker than other heaters and they tend to be the most affordable and efficient. Fan heaters are also very safe, they have low risk of overheating and many have thermostatic control allowing the temperature to be adjusted. Fan heaters can be a little noisier than others, but they have come a long way since they were first introduced and keep getting quieter.


As electric blower heaters are so efficient and are able to quickly push heat into the room it reduces the risk of them overheating however it is still important to keep this in mind and don’t leave them unattended if you’re concerned. Most models come with a range of safety features to prevent overheating; heaters with steel bodies are at less risk than those with plastic as there is no risk that the casing could melt.

Electric Heating Options

Fan Heater

This fan heater is perfect for commercial use, and other occupied spaces such as offices where safety is paramount. With low noise levels and overheat protection this is a perfect electric heating solution for a variety of purposes.

3-Phase Blower Heater

For larger scale heating needs, such as factories and warehouses – a 3-phase blower heater is perfect. You can choose from 9kW, 13kW or 18kW of heat to meet your specific needs.

To find out more on choosing the best heating for your workplace or home, check out our heating guide.

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