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Hiring vs Buying Tool Equipment

September 14th 2023

Whether you’re well established in your trade or new to DIY & are taking on a new project, it’s important that everyone has top quality tools in their toolbox. But is it best to hire or buy equipment? 

There’s plenty of benefits for both hiring and buying tools but choosing which one is best for you would depend on your needs, so let us help you out in your decision making.

Why Hire?

When it comes to tool hire, size doesn’t matter. You can hire a range of tools and equipment for jobs big or small over on our website or in one of our stores. But why should you hire?

  • If you’re only doing a one-off job and won’t have a need for the tools afterwards, spending a lot of money on something you aren’t going to use again isn’t going to be ideal. Hiring with HSS means you only have to pay for the days you need the tools and once you're done, simply return whatever you've hired.
  • When you’re on a job and you realise your hammer drill or other piece of equipment isn’t working, you’ll need to find another one ASAP to make sure you finish the job on time. Hiring with HSS means you can find the nearest available store and get your hands on the tools you need either on the same day or on the next available day.
  • Hiring tools will come with a lot of questions – How long can I hire the equipment for? Where can I pick it up? Can it be delivered? & many more. Why not contact us and speak with one of our colleagues in store or online with our live chat team who are there to help and answer any questions you may have about your chosen tool/s.

Why Buy?

Buying tools has plenty of benefits if you’re a professional trade worker or a budding DIY enthusiast.

  • If you have your own company or are thinking of starting your own business in a particular trade, you’re going to need all the tools and equipment needed to get your jobs done. Buying and investing in quality tools is more cost effective as you’ll own them so you won’t waste money on hiring.
  • Big home improvements will require different needs and attention so having the right tools and equipment long term means they’ll always be available to you, so you won’t have to pause work to outsource them.
  • Buying tools gives you the opportunity to work with and understand your equipment better as opposed to hiring where you may not have the tools for a long period of time. With buying, as you use your tool more, you'll be able to know which environments they work best in, which materials they work best with, how heavy they are, if you can use one tool for an entire day without recharging and so much more.

 No matter how you decide to get your tools and equipment, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision for you.

Did you know that you can now hire and buy from HSS? 

Hiring is still our game but now so is selling! Whether you pop into a branch near you or check out our online store, you can buy tools, accessories, workwear & more to add to your collection to help you get those home, garden or onsite projects complete. 

About the Author

Samina Ahmed

Samina is a member of the E-commerce team. She has plenty of product knowledge & enjoys writing about all things DIY.

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