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Cherry Pickers for Hire – Things to Consider

January 14th 2017

Originally invented for fruit picking as the name suggests, the cherry picker provides an elevated aerial platform from which you can work on high areas otherwise difficult to reach and maintain.

Whether you need to repair fascia, clear guttering, trim high tree branches, clean windows or fix roofs, cherry pickers are the best alternative to scaffolding, providing an efficient way to access those hard-to-reach areas at altitude. With the festive season approaching, some home owners will even consider cherry picker hire to decorate their house or surrounding trees with Christmas lights.

Cherry pickers are ideal for aerial shots for film and TV, as well as being used by the fire services! With such a broad variety of uses in a huge variety of businesses, the cherry picker is not only the builder and electrician’s friend.

Before you find cherry pickers for hire, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions:

What raise and reach do I need?

How high you want to access and the horizontal reach you want to attain are very important considerations. The height a cherry picker can reach is generally measured from ground to its maximum vertical reach, and includes the added length of an average person’s reach. To play it safe, do not include your height on top of the reach you want from the equipment.

In terms of sideways outreach, this is measured from the turret (the lifting arm responsible for raising the cage/basket) to the reach of an average person, stretching their arm from the fully extended boom. You need to consider your task here, as you may have a long reach carrying a light paintbrush, but holding heavy equipment will much reduce it.

How heavy is the equipment I need to use?

The weight of the equipment you want to take in the bucket with you is key, as the weight in the bucket changes the reach available – the lower the weight, the further you can safely reach to. Bear in mind that this includes your own weight, your tools and equipment (remembering that equipment like paints and varnishes can be very heavy). Compare this to the “safe working load” of the cherry pickers for hire.

Am I planning to work inside or outside?


Consider your ground surface. If there’s a slope this will affect your equipment choice – check what gradient the machine is capable of according to its hire specifications. Similarly, you may have to talk to your hire firm if you know the terrain is very bumpy and uneven. Ground water is another consideration, as you may want to look for a cherry picker with outriggers to spread the load, and many models include these.


The key issue in this instance is ventilation. An electric machine will probably be preferable to a diesel powered one, as it will not give off the fumes.

When working inside, check the measurements of the narrowest space the machine will have to fit through. Also consider the turning radius, making allowances for this in any space you may have to turn the machinery in.

Am I legally allowed to operate a cherry picker?

With a standard car driving license, many models can be operated (if they are under 3.5 tons). If you acquired a license before 1994, you may legally drive vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons, so you will be able to pick from an even wider range of models before having to consider further driver training. If you choose a larger, specialist or HGV cherry picker, you’ll need to hire a fully trained operator in order to operate it.

What is the price based on?

The key factors affecting the cost are how long you will need the cherry picker for (usually by the day or the week), how far you need the hire firm to deliver your equipment, the model you choose (generally more expensive the more reach/raise you need) and whether you have a self-operated model or need to hire an operator.

Where can I get assistance?

If you need assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’re unsure about what model you need or need some operational assistance, we’ll be able to help you pick the right machine for your job and assist you with any further enquiries.

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Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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