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Sand Glider (3 in 1) Floor Sander

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The Sand Glider is a new alternative to the traditional light duty floor refinishing sander. Designed for the light sanding, polishing and refinishing of floors it is simple to use, and provides a low dust alternative to traditional floor sanding methods.

Featuring easy to attach velcro sanding or polishing pads and with its random orbital technology the Sand Glider makes sanding and polishing effortless and stress free. Ideal for applications like re-finishing floors and creating a 'smooth finish' on traditional parquet, laminated, veneered and solid wood floors.

The Sand Glider is ideal for use on lighter duty jobs where the floor surface has not been subject to heavy foot traffic or regular wear and tear, leading to an uneven surface.

For heavier duty jobs involving more worn, heavily stained, or uneven floor surfaces the traditional Floor Sander (05412), Edge Sander (05422) or combined hire pack (05429) should be considered.

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Safety information & instructions

Useful information

  • Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves are required with this item for hand protection.

  • You must wear all round protection grade 1 goggles to EN 166.B – for less hazardous work grade 2 spectacles can be worn.

  • Protection required against high noise levels. Earplugs are suitable for short-term work.

  • Consult product supplier for guidance and COSHH data information.

  • Residual Current Devices protect from electric shock. Strongly recommended for electrical equipment used outdoors or in damp conditions.

  • High risk tool having more than 5m/s2.

  • You will need a vehicle at least the size of an estate car to collect this item

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This is a high demand item with currently limited stock. Please call HSS on 03457 28 28 28 to check availability now.

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