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12 Easy Ways to Prevent Carpet Damage

August 1st 2019

You know that sinking feeling you get when someone spills something on your carpet or the dog tears a corner of your rug? The carpet in your home makes rooms more comfortable and adds to its look, design and feel. The colour, texture and placement of carpets and rugs can help you make any kind of statement, from casual and warm to formal and bright. But, when those carpets are damaged, they quickly detract from the design of a room.

Luckily, there are all kinds of easy ways you can prevent carpet damage so your carpets will stay clean and in good condition, so they can keep being an integral part of your home’s design for a long time.

Keep Food in the Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to prevent carpet damage is to keep food away from it. Keep meals, snacks and drinks in the kitchen so that there are fewer chances for spills on carpet. This tip is especially handy if you have kids in the home, who may be more prone to accidentally dropping foods or drinks on the carpet.

Train Pets or Keep them Off the Carpet

We love our pets, but they do pose a risk to carpet. Pets have accidents and a curious puppy or kitten may scratch or chew carpet, damaging it. If you have pets, make sure they are well trained and supervise them whenever they are on the carpet. If you aren’t confident that your pets will be able to keep your carpets clean, keep them off the carpet entirely.

Use Doormats Outside Each Door

A doormat outside each door can cut back on the dirt, mud, rain and snow that can be tracked into your home and onto the carpet. Well-placed doormats will encourage people to shake debris off their shoes and wipe them on the mat before coming inside.

Take Your Shoes off Inside

When you walk in your front door, slip your shoes off so you can protect you carpet from muddy footprints, dirt and other substances that can stain carpets. Getting into the habit of taking your shoes off when you come inside is an easy and very effective way to protect your carpet.

Use Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

You can protect carpet in high-traffic areas with rugs. Look for rugs that are tough and will be able to stand up to some wear and tear, but that are affordable, so that if they do start to show some wear you will still feel like you got your money’s worth for them.

Another benefit to using this approach is that rugs can be easier to clean than carpets. You can shake them out when they get dirty and take them to be professionally cleaned as needed.

Install Curtains or Blinds

Carpet that is in direct sunlight for long periods of time can actually become faded. Over time, you may start to notice that sections of carpet that are exposed to sunlight look lighter or duller than the rest of the carpet. Prevent this from happening by using blinds or curtains to avoid long-periods of sun exposure on carpet or rugs.

Use Coasters Under Furniture

Furniture that is especially heavy can actually damage your carpet. It can smash the carpet fibres, causing them to become flatter and leaving permanent damage. This may not seem like a big deal now, but when you want to rearrange your furniture, ugly marks in your carpet may ruin your plans. Prevent this problem by using special coasters that are designed to be placed under heavy furniture.

Do Not Drag Heavy Items Across Carpet

Dragging heavy items across carpet puts it at risk of being torn. If you rearrange furniture or add new pieces to a room, use a canvas tarp or drop cloth to protect the carpet as you move the heavy pieces.

Cover Carpet During Remodelling or DIY Projects

When you paint, work on do-it-yourself projects, remodel or do anything else that could compromise you carpet, cover it. Use drop cloths or tarps to cover the area you are working in and make sure paint or other materials are completely dry before you remove them. If you are doing a project in a room with rugs, you can take the rugs out of the room while you do the project.

Use Protective Coatings

Some carpet and rug companies offer a coating product that will help your carpet withstand dirt and stains. This service will help you protect your carpet and can help it look new for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that this coating won’t protect carpet from everything and it does need to be reapplied periodically.

Change Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters Often

The filters in your furnace and air conditioner work to keep dust, dirt, pollen and other debris out of your home. When you don’t change the filters regularly, they don’t work as efficiently and the dirt that enters your home ends up in your carpet.

You can actually keep your carpet cleaner, and your family healthier, by replacing these filters on a regular basis. Most professionals recommend that you change them every few months, but more often if you have pets or if you smoke.

Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen. When they do, do what you can to clean the area with a carpet sweeper, vacuum and commercial cleaning products. Then, if a stain remains, hire a carpet cleaner that will scrub the carpet and clean deep down into the fibres to make it look like new again.

It is also a good idea to use carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpets on a regular basis, because even when you take protective measures, dust, pollen and other particles can make your carpets dirty.

Keeping your carpets and rugs clean and in good condition may seem like an impossible task, but it is possible to keep them looking new. Use these tips to protect your carpet and don’t forget to clean them regularly with a high-grade carpet cleaner. If you’d like more information about how to remove some of the most difficult stains from your carpet, why not read one of our previous blog posts?

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