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Commercial Vacuum Cleaning

December 19th 2019

Floor Cleaning at an Industrial Level

You may own a standard vacuum cleaner within your business, but sometimes it is essential to have an industrial vacuum cleaner to give an in depth clean. Whether you want to have a deep clean every few months or if you’re moving premises; hiring an industrial vacuum cleaner can help you clean your floors quickly and much more efficiently whilst offering optimum cleaning power.

Vacuum Cleaners

Light duty vacuum cleaners are available for homes, small offices and shops. These vacuum cleaners offer a low noise level which makes them ideal for noise sensitive areas. Light duty industrial vacuum cleaners still offer a little better cleaning power than your standard domestic vacuum cleaner, so if you’re looking for a deep clean but with minimum noise and don’t have any particularly large spaces to clean this could be your best option.

Medium duty vacuum cleaners work well for large offices, shops and commercial premises. They have a large capacity with powerful twin motors and a microfilter which means they have 99.997% dust filtration efficiency.

Both our light and medium duty vacuum cleaners work well to give an in depth clean but aren’t equipped for your wet vacuuming needs.

Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuums

For difficult wet and dry floor cleaning needs, the industrial wet and dry vacuum works best. It has a drain hose and a 90L capacity which means it makes dealing with large scale floods or spillages easy. The wet and dry vacuum has two motors which means it has excellent suction performance and a large capacity. In addition to this the suction strength can be controlled with two different speeds and to protect the user the hose has anti-static properties to prevent sparks and shocks.

This vacuum cleaner is great for your large-scale cleaning needs and offers excellent cleaning ability in both wet and dry situations meaning it is ideal for doing a deep clean of your premises in the aftermath of a flood or if you’ve experienced a large scale spillage.

Site Vacuum

Industrial vaccum

The site vacuum is ideal for high capacity vacuum cleaning particularly where efficiency, noise and suction performance is key. With an impressive 70L capacity, you’re able to work for extended periods of time without have to empty the container. This high-performance vacuum is perfect for commercial applications as well as domestic where heavy duty cleaning is needed. It is particularly useful when large spaces require fast cleaning; prior to an event or move perhaps.

M Class Vacuum and Floor Tool

This floor cleaning tool is perfect for working in dusty environments and is incredibly versatile. It is primarily a powerful and portable dust extraction and filtration system which automatically cleans itself without interrupting your work; making for maximum efficiency. The hire pack for this tool includes a dust extractor and floor tool to enable this system to be used as a vacuum. This tool is perfect if the environment which requires cleaning is particularly dusty as is minimises dust exposure and works quickly to remove dust.

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Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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