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Drill Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

March 9th 2023

Considering buying a drill but unsure of the pricing and the type you need? Well, you’re in good company as HSS are here to ensure you find the right drill for you.

HSS is a hiring company that can help you access equipment for DIY projects and renovations. We have experts who can advise you over the phone and in-store on what equipment is best for your project and goals.

In this drill buying guide, we’ll break down all the types of drills, their main uses and the drill bits they come with so that you can better understand which drill works best for you.

Buying a drill: How to find the right drill for the job

When it comes to buying a drill, there are some questions you’ll need to ask yourself first to help you determine the type of drill you need for the material you’re planning on working with. Some of the questions to ask yourself include the following:

  • What material will you be drilling into?
  • Do you need a corded or cordless drill?
  • Do you require a screwdriver function?
  • What features do you require?
  • Do you need an LED light?

At HSS, our selection of available-to-hire drills will help you complete your project effectively whether you require equipment for construction or demolition purposes. We supply both corded and cordless drills.

The power of the drill driver you require depends on the size of the hole you're drilling. For simple hole drilling in wood, metal and plastic, a cordless drill is the best option. A cordless drill is practical and convenient for carrying around. A corded drill, however, can be more powerful and drill bigger holes but requires a space where it can be plugged in. 

Another thing to consider when buying a drill is drill modes. Screwdriving mode is a drill most drills use to screw things slowly and accurately yet also very effective. For a good screwdriver function, consider a drill with a reverse function that has either adaptable speed or torque control.

Choosing the best type of drill for your project can be challenging since there are so many options available. That’s why we’ve broken down each drill type below to make it easier for you to choose which is best for you.

Drill buying guide - HSS

Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are a powerful option for drilling hard materials like stone, concrete and masonry thanks to their rotary hammer movements. This type of drill has an oscillating hammering motion when rotated, making hammer drills ideal for more intense tasks and solid materials. 

Hammer drills have the ability to control the power while keeping the RPM low which enables you to cut through tough and heavy-duty materials while minimising surface damage. They can penetrate dense materials also instantly.

We have an impressive range of cordless and corded drills here at HSS which are available to hire for your next project, no matter how long you need them. You can use a hammer drill as a standard drill if you wish, but it’s certainly worth hiring one if you are intending on drilling through solid materials.

Cordless drills

The advanced battery technology in cordless drills enables users to operate longer in locations where no electrical outlet is present, which is convenient for projects where you’ll be working long hours. This compact tool has excellent drilling capacity and variable speeds.

Cordless drills are similar to their corded counterparts, however, they are typically lightweight and don’t have a cord. They are popular drills because they are lightweight but still have plenty of power and speed control triggers.

It is easier to carry around a cordless power tool and get into more intricate areas with a cordless combination drill since they are lightweight and have no cord getting in the way or limiting their reach. Explore our range of cordless drills with advanced battery technology today.


Combi-hammers are practical and versatile drills owing to the hammer mechanism they feature, which makes breaking apart and hammering into solid materials, such as concrete, an easier task. They’re also very powerful tools and can be bought in both a corded and cordless variation - you can hire our corded Heavy-Duty Atc Combi-Hammer for a low cost today.

Most drills that don’t have a hammer function can only be used on softer materials like wood and plasterboard, however, the combi drill allows harder materials to be drilled and hammered into easily.

Combi-hammers are able to carry out multiple drilling tasks with ease, making it the perfect drill if you’re considering buying a drill for a range of heavy-duty operations. They come equipped with a number of additional drilling features that make them ideal for tasks like heavy breaking, chiselling and scraping. This makes masonry drilling a breeze.

Diamond drills

A powerful drilling technique that can produce clean, accurate holes through the toughest materials is achieved using a diamond drill. Diamond drills have a hollow, cylindrical bit set with diamonds that makes them suitable for drilling brickwork and most masonry.

A diamond drill is used in any scenario where accurate holes must be made, such as when creating smaller openings for pipes and wires or precise holes in applications where bolts are to be placed. 

At HSS, each of our available-to-hire diamond drills provides power and precision and can be used to carry out tasks on a wide range of applications and materials. Drilling through solid material and masonry is easy with a diamond drill - why not get started with a professional diamond driller kit from us?

Drill drivers

A drill driver is a power tool with two modes: drilling and screw driving. It is often powered by a battery and has two or more speeds to ensure it can be used for multiple purposes. 

You can choose a low or high torque setting on a drill driver, which controls how much power is applied by the drill to drive the screw, you can do this by using a torque selection ring located next to the keyless chuck.

The screwdriver mode can be achieved by putting a drill driver on a low-speed setting, while effective drilling can be achieved by increasing the speed setting of the drill. This drill is excellent for someone who wants to complete a job or task where both drilling and screwdriving are required. 

Power screwdrivers

The smallest yet most portable drilling tool of the bunch, power screwdrivers are battery-powered, lightweight cordless screwdrivers that are handy for all screwdriving work you require for your DIY project. 

Electric screwdrivers are simply designed for tightening and loosening screws in tight spaces for quick assembly, as opposed to manual screwdrivers which are less effective and drill drivers which are far heavier. Small and lightweight, this cordless tool is more convenient than drill drivers and makes screwdriving any application in any space an effortless task. 

Get next-day delivery on drills and drill bits at HSS

If you’re in urgent need of a drill for your project or you’re keen on buying a drill on a budget, HSS can come to the rescue with our next-day delivery on a range of drills and drill bits that are available to hire at an affordable price. 

The benefits of hiring for the longevity of your project are almost endless, so why not explore our incredible product range today and get in touch to hire some high-quality equipment for your next project? We hope this guide has helped you form a decision on what drill works best for you.

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