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All right stop. Collaborate and listen… Once again the good old British weathermen and women are predicting the worst winter in more than 50 years with sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall, supposedly far worse than the bitter, cold white out of 2009/10.
Who knows, maybe this year they’ll get it right! Whatever the weather it’s best to be prepared. So whether it’s the plummeting temperatures that have got you concerned, or the chance of a heavy snow fall, HSS Hire Group is here to help.
HSS has a huge range of heaters suitable for every site and workplace to keep you working, whatever the weather. As well as a huge range ready to hire through our 300 national branches or, our specialist division, All Seasons Hire, has an extensive range of portable heating units ready to help you through the chilly period.

Ranging from 2.5kw through to 220kw units All Seasons Hire can heat the smallest of rooms through to large warehouses. If catastrophe strikes and your boiler goes down then we have temporary boilers and air handlers that can be hooked up to your buildings existing system to keep all your colleagues warm and comfortable.


Our expert engineers are on hand 24/7 to respond to your heating needs so you can sit back and relax, comfortable in the knowledge that All Seasons Hire will keep you warm this winter.

Recently added to enlarge our fleet are Jumbo and Radial 200kw units that throw out massive amounts of air and they’re all tested and ready for immediate dispatch.

All Seasons Hire is a specialist in temporary heating so when the weather deteriorates and you need extra heating to keep your business up and running, contact us. We’ll have the perfect solution to keep you up and running. Visit or click here to view the full range of heating equipment available through HSS Hire.

Interior Design Trends 2015

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Wondering what style you should opt for in 2015? Read on to discover our top interior design trends…

Retro hardware

Opt for burnished gold light fittings and glimmering, unusual tap fittings to inject a bit more personality where it’s least expected. Instead of opting for the usual or most simple, remember that the devil is in the detail! An antique door handle or industrial tap fitting will inject personality into your interior design for years to come, and they don’t have to come in run-off-the-mill silver – why not carry your colour scheme through into these details?

burnished light fittings interior design trends 2015

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Colour Psychology – colour in your home

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Your choices of colour for your house can have a profound impact on how your home (and the people in it) feel. Are you maximising the potential for colour in your home?

It’s all too easy to opt for simple old Magnolia, but if you want to use more vibrant colours, especially in combination, you need to understand the colour wheel. This really opens up your options, as you can use unusual contrasts for a really unique room.

The Colour Wheel

The basic rule is that colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are complementary, according to Charles Blanc’s colour wheel (the colour wheel which inspired 19th century artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet). Blue and orange, red and green and yellow and violet, then, are the complementary colours created from the primary colours (red, yellow and blue).

what colours go together?

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How to Tile a Floor – the Beginner’s Guide

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Tiling a floor can seem a daunting step for the amateur DIY-er, but it isn’t as tough as it might seem…


Hard tiling is an attractive and functional flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens, and even hallways and conservatories. They’re great for high-traffic areas, as they’re hard-wearing, as well as being easy-clean. If you’re already a bit of a tiling pro, learn some more tiling tips from our “Tips to take your tiling skills to the next level” blog piece.

how to tile a floor - step by step

How to tile a floor, safety first:

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Skip Hire – What can I put in a hired skip?

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Before you hire a skip, here is a list of things you can’t put in it! Worth knowing before you commit…

skip hire - dos and don'tsYou can’t skip anything hazardous and harmful, or anything that compromises health and safety. That may seem obvious, but there are some prohibited items which you might not have considered. The list comprises, but is not limited to:  Continue reading

Christmas decorations to make last minute!

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Christmas is coming…do you need some D.I.Y Christmas decorations to inspire?

How about Creme de la Craft’s mirror baubles? Take something simple and make it into something both unique and chic…and all you need is an old CD and some glue!

DIY christmas decoration - mirror bauble

We love that she has taken them from basic to so personal, and they aren’t totally traditional – instead of reds and greens, this mirror ball bauble will reflect any Christmas lights you have on your tree, and magnify the other colours.

Here’s the “How To”:

what you'll need christmas decoration

and look how easy it is!

how to make mirror bauble christmas decorationHow about these beautiful, simple and cheap paper snowflakes from Lia Griffith at They have Christmas down to a T, with the iconic snowflake design but in cool white/silver, keeping your Christmas decorations classy!

Christmas decorations paper snowflakes

If you’re wondering how you’d go about making these professional-looking decorations, check out her step by step guidelines, or go straight to her site.

christmas decorations - paper snowflakes


With Christmas close on the horizon now too, it’s time to get your scissors out! Merry Christmas from all at HSS, and have a D.I.Y – filled New Year!

What’s a Passivhaus?

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Talk of the German “Passivhaus” is everywhere at the moment…but what is a passivhaus, and what are the benefits to one?

Passivhaus, or “Passive House” in English, is a simple approach to building which prioritises excellent thermal performance, exceptional airtightness and mechanical ventilation. 30,000 buildings to date have reached the standards required to become a passive house.

what is a passivhaus / passive house?

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Bathroom ideas for a whole new look

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The bathroom is perhaps the most functional and indispensable room of the house. What’s more, we all have very similar furniture needs in there – the basic bathroom suite.

It’s easy, then, to think that this room should be perfunctory, stark and dull. But you can personalise your bathroom with ease, giving you an up-to-date, calm environment which you can enjoy being in, day in, day out.bathroom ideas - bath by window



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Unique DIY Christmas decorations

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Here at HSS we love decorating for the Christmas season, and with all our DIY know-how, we’re well aware that a little bit of handiwork and imagination goes a long way! Handmade decorations mean more, often last longer and cost less! You don’t have to go to the shop and spend a small fortune on new decorations; we’ve got five DIY decoration ideas you’ll want to try out this Christmas!

DIY wooden stars

These twiggy stars require little more than a strong glue, twigs and some raffia (as well as a outdoor forage). For full details see our inspiration from Jackie at Happy Hooligans. This is a great one to get the kids on – get the hats and gloves on and go gathering! Once you’ve made your stars (the only fiddley bit) – you can get the kids back onboard for the raffia wrapping.

DIY christmas decorations twig star

Twine baubles

And what about adding some rustic shabby chic to your tree with these twine christmas decorations. You just need balloons, glue, cling film, jute twine and a water-based glue sealer, such as Mod Podge (the glitter version, for extra glam).

Simply cover a blown-up balloon in cling film and wrap jute tightly round your balloon, initially taping down the jute, and then removing the tape (when secure) and gluing your end down. Then paint it over with mod podge, or something similar. Now let it dry, then when the twine is completely dry, pop your balloons and remove, with the cling film. Add a little thread to attach it to your tree, or pop them all in a bowl for a festive centrepiece. Et Voila!

handmade DIY glitter twine ornament

This is from our friends at the thinking closet, so head there for step by step instructions.

DIY paper snowflakes

How about the old classic, the paper snowflake? Over at Vintage Junky, they’ve got their technique down to a T. These are so good that they really would be a great Christmas addition to the home. They even provide you with 3 templates, to get you going! All you need is paper and scissors for this one, a real cheap and easy Christmas decoration to make an impact!DIY christmas decorations christmas paper snowflakes

Pinecone wreath

For a wreath with real impact on your eye and virtually no impact on your pocket, we think this pine cone wreath from Do It Yourself Divas is brilliant. All you need is a metal clothes hanger, pine cones you’ve gathered on a wintery walk, hot glue, wide-holed beads (that would fit on the metal frame of your hanger) and leftover fabric or ribbon to decorate. How easy could that be?

Simply unwrap the ends of your hanger, so your frame is open. Then glue the beads to the base of the pine cones, then, when dry, thread through your hanger. Wiggle and adjust so that your pinecones are as close to each othr as possible, filling the gaps so you can’t see the frame. Rewrap your metal frame, add a pretty ribbon and you’re done. How beautiful! You could always add a little white spray for that wintery, snowy effect. handmade wreath DIY pinecone wreath

Outside Lighting – Decorating for Christmas!

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Decorating the exterior of your house for Christmas with Outside lighting – are you going to get your ladders out this year?

We all know the one-upmanship which can happen around those flashing, multi-coloured displays of festive cheer that you have to get your sunnies out to look at! But it needn’t be that way. Instead of going for the usual (Santa down the chimney, reindeers taking off) why not go for something a little more unusual with your Christmas illuminations this year?

Christmas lighting outdoors on the outside of the building


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