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Spring into Action this Easter!

April 6th 2023

Easter is a pivotal time in the year: Spring has finally arrived, there is a hint of warmth in the air and people start to feel inspired and energised to make that fresh start. And with the long bank holiday on your doorstep why not get stuck into a bit of DIY (after you’ve had your fair share of Easter eggs of course)!

If it’s been a while, working from the ground up is a pretty good approach, so if you’re after incredible carpets, flawless floorboards or wonderful walls – read on!

Although you may vacuum regularly, there’s nothing quite like a steam-cleaner to somersault your carpets back to life. When you’re ready to begin, move your furniture out of the way and make sure your carpets are fitted securely. Give your carpet a really good vacuum and treat any big stains with pre-spotter before using the HSS Small Carpet Cleaner.

Sanding is a great way to refine your floor surfaces to get them looking super slick. So if you feel like giving your floorboards a clean sweep in the near future here are a few tips to see you through:

• Make sure you have a hammer, a nail punch, sandpaper and a vacuum cleaner on hand; as well as a dust mask, ear defenders and sensible shoes for safety.

• Empty your room and open windows for ventilation, remove any floor coverings and give the floorboards a good vacuum. Please note, a sander will do a good job on most floorboards but you may need to replace any that are rotten or damaged!

• Make sure you have lots of space to manoeuvre and that all floorboards are fully secured and flat. Punch down any loose boards with your nail gun.

• Start off by using really coarse sandpaper as this will do a great job at removing old layers of varnish, stain and grime and end with the less coarse sandpaper for a smooth finish. Note, the more sandpaper you use the better, and make sure you switch regularly.

• It’s best to start off sanding your edges with the Edging Sander and the rest of the floor with the Drum Sander. If your floorboards are really uneven, then start by sanding diagonally with the Drum Sander followed by sanding in the direction of the floorboards. Always go with the grain!

• Once you’re finished, you should varnish as soon as possible with either a brush or a roller. Normally 3 coats of satin or gloss varnish will do and similar to sanding make sure you varnish in the direction of the wood grain.

Our Floor and Floor Edging Sanders must always be used with a disposable dust bag – an efficient and convenient way of collecting dust. For more information please speak to your local HSS branch or check out our ‘how to’ video guide.

Jazzing up your living room or bedroom walls is always a great idea but when it comes to actually getting the job done it can sometimes feel like a lot of hassle. After all you quite like your sofa, duvet and carpet without splashes of bright colours all over them! At HSS we’ve made sure we have the right equipment so you can get your paint job done easily and without causing unnecessary damage to other household items.

Our Portable Airless Sprays are much quicker and less painful than using the traditional paintbrush or roller. They can be used for painting inside or outside the home and the spray gun comes with a 15m hose for excellent reach. The tool is suitable for water and oil-based coatings, 100% acrylics, multi-colour, stain, sealer, varnish and lacquer but make sure you let us know which paint you’ll be using so your spray gun is provided with the right attachments.

And fear no more. HSS’s Partition Poles can be set up in minutes using their telescopic twist locks and will protect all surrounding areas from dust contamination, paint splashes and general mess. So rest assured you’ll be able to revel in your newly painted walls once your work is done without having to remove paint splashes!

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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