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30 Modern Garden Ideas For 2023

January 30th 2023

New year, new project anyone? 2023 has already birthed plenty of modern garden ideas, and we’re here to help you sought through the best! If you’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether or not to finally start that garden renovation project, this article’s got 30 fresh ideas to get you inspired. 

We know that committing to a project and upgrading your garden can be a potentially challenging and exhausting process, but we have every faith in you – and, should you need us, we’re always happy to lend our expertise on the best equipment for the job.

At HSS Hire, you can find a variety of landscaping tools for renovating your garden. Regardless of whether you’re looking to clean up your lawn or install new features, we can provide you with the essential tools to help get you started. 

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Modern garden ideas: Trends to watch out for in 2023

Before you begin to map out how you’d like to revamp your outdoor space, it’s good to get inspired. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with 30 modern garden ideas that’ll definitely inspire you to start that renovation project as soon as possible! In this guide, you’ll find design ideas of various styles and themes, so we’re certain you’ll find one (or more) to your liking.

So, what’re we waiting for?

Let’s dive right into the top modern garden trends of 2023!

Garden Ideas 2023

1. Focus on simple furniture

The simplest pieces of furniture are often the ones that make the boldest statement, which is why you should stick to simple furniture if you’re after a minimalist garden style. All you really need are garden chairs and a small table – keep it modest and humble with neutral colours and not-so-expensive pieces. 

Or, for something classic, why not place a wooden bench or sofa on your patio for a clean and neat look? You don’t want to cramp your garden’s style or overcrowd when it comes to garden furniture, so stick to the basics – furniture that will actually be used.

2. Illuminate your patio area

Whilst you may probably step out onto your outdoor patio to get a breath of fresh air during the day, what if you want to relax with friends or family on the patio to feel the evening breeze as well?

Well, you’re certainly going to need lighting! Here are a few design tips on how you can light up your patio:

  • Fairy lights or string lights hanging above 
  • Outdoor lanterns 
  • Frame the perimeters of your patio with floor lights
  • Hang lighting fixtures via trees 
  • Highlight your outdoor table by placing lamps or battery-powered candles on top

Now, if you need lighting to help you set this up, our LED festoon lights are ideal for enabling you to see after the sun has set.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about stumbling or incorrectly placing things.

3. Install Astroturf

Astroturf is actually the name of an American brand known for being one of the first companies to specialise in creating synthetic grass for sports pitches and grounds. Nonetheless, in this case, it is used interchangeably with the terms ‘artificial grass’ or ‘synthetic grass’, which replicate the appearance of real grass without the need for maintenance that comes with it. 

If you feel that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with lawn maintenance, astroturf is definitely a good alternative. But first, before you start placing any artificial grass down, make sure you clean your garden thoroughly using our selection of garden clearance tools.

4. Sometimes less is more

The concept of less is more certainly rings true with traditional garden designs where spacious lawns dominate. Instead of extravagant garden decoration, why not try a minimalistic approach and simply have a large, green lawn area that’s perfect for sports, pets, and children?

You don’t even need to think about outdoor furniture! Instead, incorporate a soft design that uses natural materials and clean lines. Tidy up your lawn with our specialised lawn care equipment, which can be used to take care of a neglected lawn.

5. Cultivate plants and trees

If you’re the type of person who has a green thumb, you may want to consider designing a part of your garden for cultivating plants and trees that can produce and bear vegetables and fruit. 

Not only is this sustainable, but gardening is also an enjoyable activity that contributes positively both to wellbeing and the environment. So, if you’re a horticulture enthusiast, a garden design that accommodates gardening is one way to renovate your outdoor space. 

If you’ve got branches lying around, put them in a wood chipper to use as mulch for your gardening exploits! Composted bark can help to improve drainage and prevent the soil from becoming too moist.

6. Replace fences with hedges

Heads up – fences are outdated! A modern garden design no longer has the need for fences, instead, we’re seeing tall hedges. Knock down those pesky fences and install elegant hedges for privacy. 

Keep your garden hedges neat and tidy with our hedge trimmers so that they look consistent. For a twist on hedge fences, perhaps try incorporating a combination of hedges and walls for the ultimate modern aesthetic for your garden.

7. Cosy up with an outdoor fireplace

Who said fireplaces only had to be indoors? An outdoor fireplace or log burner can provide that warmth on cold nights when you want to relax outside - perfect for when you have guests over! It can be placed against a short wall or stand by itself on the patio.

With wood-burning fireplaces, it’s a good idea to have surplus wood so that you’ve always got a stock ready.


8. Create an outdoor dining area

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your garden is to create an al fresco dining space. Modern landscaping now offers outdoor living spaces, and this includes an area for dining and entertaining. 

An al fresco dining area is perfect for large gardens to help break up the space a bit more, utilising the area efficiently. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that small gardens aren’t suitable for an outdoor dining space! 

A key thing to consider is the climate of where you live – we all know that UK weather tends to be unpredictable, so it may be worth also installing a roof above your dining area to protect it from rain. If this is the case, then you’ll benefit from using our ladders or steps to help you reach the height that you need for patio roof installation.

9. Pave a pathway

Regardless of garden size, creating a garden path is a wonderful way to enhance the aesthetic of your garden and can be affordable to DIY! In particular, using natural stone pavings is great if you’re trying to emulate an English garden style, otherwise you can create crisp lines with materials such as clay brick or gravel by using diggers or micro excavators to help you form the trench where you lay down the path.

Note that whilst a path with straight lines does appear sleek and elegant, you can also incorporate asymmetrical lines for a cool twist. 

10. Cut back on your lawn

Not everyone has a large lawn in their garden, and even if you do, it may be time to actually cut back on the size of your lawn. Rather than having a big lawn area that is painstakingly time consuming to maintain, filling that space with gravel, artificial turf, or deck and patio tiles would save you a lot of effort in the long run.

You don’t necessarily have to remove your entire lawn if you don’t want to – but if you feel that you could downsize your lawn and extend your patio area using our surface preparation tools, then it’s something to try out! 

A patio area can offer more opportunities for recreational activities such as cooking or grilling, playing chess, reading a book, or sunbathing. 

11. Build a pond

Bring more nature into your garden by adding a pond. This can be a shallow pond and shaped however you want! Lush plants can also be included, but ensure that the plants are native species that can reside in your pond's habitat to balance the pond's ecological state. 

After a while, you’ll find that the pond will attract wildlife, making your garden burst with renewed energy and life. Frame your pond with stones, rocks or logs, and even add a sloping plank area that allows insects or others to climb out of the pond should they fall inside.

12. Make use of trees

If your garden has an abundance of trees, you should use them to your advantage! Create relaxation areas next to trees under the shade, adding a bench or hammock where you and your family can take short naps or read a book. 

If you want, you can also plant new trees on plots of land that you feel would benefit from having a tree strategically placed there. For example, you can use trees to act as your garden’s fences for privacy and keep any nosy neighbours out of sight.

13. Install a concrete patio

A wooden deck is common for gardens, but if you’d like to try something different to patio or deck flooring, then why not try a concrete patio? A concrete patio can easily be made using our concreting equipment at HSS Hire. We’re flexible, with our equipment hires being available for days to weeks at a time - however long you need!

Concrete is extremely versatile, weather-resistant, and a cost-effective choice compared to other materials. You’ll find that urban gardens often use concrete patios as they offer an urban-modern look that’s classy and chic at the same time.

14. Set up a gazebo at the centre of your garden

If you have a large garden, making a wooden gazebo using woodworking equipment is a more extravagent idea, but one that gives you an additional space to relax and host during the sunnier months. 

As the focal point of your garden, ensure that you decorate it tastefully, using string lights and lanterns so that it illuminates in the evenings. A small seating area would also be beneficial if you enjoy al fresco dining.

15. Implement an outdoor feature wall

An outdoor feature wall, also known as an accent wall, is simply a block of wall (it doesn’t have to be wide or tall!) in your garden to enhance the look and feel. It can be made from anything, ranging from wood to brick, to metal, or concrete. 

Add shelves, wall sconces, and hanging plants to brighten an otherwise bleak wall. However, if you’d rather keep things simple and minimalistic, just having the wall without any extra features also works.

16. Maximise small spaces with vertical gardening

Have you got a small garden and are wondering how to improve its aesthetic without breaking the bank? Then, incorporating vertical gardening is something you should think about.

Vertical gardening optimises small spaces by working upwards. Here, vertical structures or columns can be used as planting shelves for climbing flowers and vines. This is particularly useful in saving space, as well as reducing carbon emissions as plants help to filter such pollutants out of the air. This leads to better air quality.

17. Make use of vibrant flora and vivid colours

Of course, the addition of flowers can truly make your garden look beautiful. A colourful garden will surely impress guests, so don’t be afraid to include an assortment of different flowers – from roses to lilies, to tulips and sunflowers! 

Don’t limit the colours to simply flora – incorporate bright colours with outdoor furniture as well, whether that’s a yellow outdoor sofa or a red outdoor dining table!

18. Contrast of colours works too

Whilst vibrant colours can make your garden look cheery, you can also give it some edge by using contrasting colours. For example, a black and white outdoor dining set (black table and white chairs, or vice versa) adds just an extra touch of opulence and variety compared to a monochrome set. 

If you’ve got a wall feature beside your outdoor dining area, why not paint this in a contrasting colour such as yellow to create an illusion of depth in your garden?

19. No lawn needed

If you’re not too keen on a lawn or artificial grass, you also have the option of replacing the lawn entirely with paving. Several modern landscape designs no longer incorporate lawns in gardens – instead, for a completely modernised style, concrete or other paving covers the lawn in its entirety. 

After installation, you’ll want to clear the flooring from any dust or debris using our pressure washers and power cleaners for a clean finish.

20. Compartmentalise

A foolproof way to produce a cohesive space in your garden is to compartmentalise it, sectioning out distinct areas. For instance, one section could be the patio area for al fresco dining, whilst another section could be for horticulture and gardening. These can be divided using short fences or even walls or privacy screens.

21. Modernise your shed

If you already have a shed in your garden, or you’re thinking of installing one, then you should also think about how you can modernise it to increase your garden’s overall appeal. 

A few ways in which you can do this include:

  • Implementing windows 
  • Refurbishing the old shed as an activity/office room
  • Unconventional shed shape/size

If you’re building a shed from scratch, use our compaction tools to establish a compact base foundation.

22. Asymmetrical flooring

Outdoor flooring, on a patio, doesn’t have to be boring – make it unique with asymmetrical flooring, using tiles of geometric shapes and sizes for a completely one-of-a-kind patio floor! 

If the floors of your patio are already tiled, don’t worry – you can remove floor tiles by yourself following this easy step-by-step guide!

23. Create a sunken area

A sunken area is simply another way to describe a garden of two levels, connected via stairs or steps. You’ll usually see this as a part of the garden that’s set below the main level of the house. 

Modern gardens are utilising this concept, building sunken seating areas that add drama and flair to the garden. Gardens with a natural slope are ideal for sunken spaces, but you can also create your own sunken garden using excavators and diggers.

24. Use a firepit as an outdoor grill

If a fireplace doesn’t interest you, then perhaps a firepit will. And the best thing about it is that it can double up as an outdoor grill for family BBQs! Other than being a convenient grill, it can also simply be a centre of warmth.

Gather your friends and family around the firepit, toasting marshmallows and maybe even sharing some spooky (or funny!) stories.

25. Naturally extend your home into the garden

It’s a good idea to check whether you’ll need planning permission to lay a new patio for your house, as this is dependent on local council regulations and your building. Nonetheless, if you’re able to, you can build a small patio as an extension of your house in your garden. 

As it acts as a natural extension, you’ll want to make sure that the theme and style of the patio is reminiscent of the indoor aesthetics of your home as well. This means incorporating the same colours and textures whenever possible.

26. Decorate with plants

Bring your garden to life with potted plants, spread across your garden or on your patio! Plants that are specifically suited to outdoor environments are best as garden plants, so avoid bringing indoor plants outdoors as you may be significantly reducing their lifespan. 

For low-maintenance outdoor plants, think pansies, jade plants, lavender and peonies! 

27. Water fountains and waterfalls

Another modern garden idea is to include a water feature such as water fountains or small cascading waterfall structures. There are numerous design options to choose from when it comes to outdoor water fountains, so you’ll certainly find one that suits your tastes, making them fabulous additions to contemporary gardens. 

Garden fountains can be small or grand, depending on your budget and preferences. Either way, yours will be sure to enhance the atmosphere of your garden, creating a relaxing ambience with its soothing sounds and elegant look.

Water fountains

28. Consider tasteful sculptures or art pieces

Similarly, why not place unique sculptures and/or art pieces in your garden too? For the latter, this requires garden walls, but the former can certainly be done in any type of garden. 

When it comes to statues, natural stone is long-lasting and durable. For sculptures, polyresin has become a popular material. 

Garden sculptures and artwork can add character and intrigue to your garden, so if you have the opportunity to sculpt or purchase one, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to place it as a statement piece.

29. Create a hidden paradise using walls

We all appreciate privacy, and the garden is no exception! If your existing fencing is quite old or not as effective as it could be, installing a wall or strategically planting hedges or trees can provide additional security.

One option for adding a wall is to imitate a courtyard garden style. The walls, plus the climbing plants and trellises, could truly transform an enclosed space. 

30. Shape your shrubs and hedges

Shrubs and hedges are staple outdoor plants that can be used to mark boundaries of areas, as well as just for general garden aesthetics. On the other hand, without proper maintenance, shrubs and hedges can become overgrown and unkempt, which is why they need to be trimmed at least once or twice a year, depending on the variety. 

Looking to do more with your shrubs and hedges? 

If you want to impress any guests that you might have over, irregular-shaped hedges are certainly a topic of conversation. In particular, hedges of abstract shapes or animals will surely catch the attention of any visitors!

Transform your small garden with the help of HSS

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