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10 of the Best Small Patio Ideas You Need to Know

30 December 2022

Looking for small patio ideas to renovate your garden but worried it's too tiny? You could be tempted to overlook decorative features and go with a basic design approach if your patio is small. However, even in the smallest of spaces, a fresh renovation can make a huge impact. 

With the help of our fantastic small patio ideas, you can make the most of your petite patio space - and, using the right tools, easily maximise the aesthetic of your outdoor area.

If you’re struggling to find the right tools to complete your patio renovation project, you’re in good hands - we have a complete range of durable equipment at HSS Hire that customers can hire for their projects.

Once your heart is set on a small patio idea, hire some of our gardening equipment to help you out. 

10 of the best small patio ideas for your home

Stop worrying about the size of your patio - and focus on renovating or refreshing it with these ten small patio ideas instead. We have laid out ten different home projects that we guarantee will turn your outdoor patio space into a garden oasis. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help with your renovation project.

1. Bring the indoors outdoors with a natural home extension

While you’ll have heard countless times that ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is an aesthetically pleasing interior design trend, we think the opposite applies to a stunning outdoor patio space. Whether this is designing an al fresco dining area in your garden or simply setting up some sleek, modern furniture for ultimate relaxation.

  • Looking for a natural extension that doesn't require you to request planning permission and a boatload of construction work? Simply having a room open up onto your patio is a seamless and spectacular way to extend your home naturally. 
  • Why not extend your home by transforming your petite patio into a space that feels like another room - or part of your living room? Be it your dining room, living room, spare room or conservatory, if your patio can be accessed from a set of doors, your patio can act as an extension of that particular room - this is perfect for when summer rolls around. 
  • Make your outdoor furniture match or complement the furniture of the room to which it is connected - and then you’ll achieve the ultimate outdoor patio space.
  • Consider a simple patio paving stone that closely reflects the room's flooring or carpeting if you want the warm and cosy feeling of a home extension without the need for an actual building expansion. 
  • If your adjacent rooms have lighter furniture or floor, neutral and moderate-coloured pavement patio stones are the perfect option. 

If you’re planning on installing a new patio and need the right tools to help you do so effectively, you can hire anything from a cement mixer to a medium vibrating plate from HSS

It is our goal to help homeowners and people looking to undergo home improvement projects attain all the right equipment they need as promptly as possible - it’s at the heart of what we do. 

A piece of furniture doesn’t have to match your home - but we think it’s a great touch if you want to join your beautiful garden patio to your home. There is a myriad of possibilities and options to explore with this garden idea. 

Read on for more amazing small patio ideas and inspiration.

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2. Go big on greenery and create a garden oasis

Next up on our list of marvellous small patio ideas, we have quite the opposite of the last idea: create a garden oasis by going big on greenery and focusing on nature. Why not go all out and turn your patio into a garden oasis dappled with potted plants, flowers and luscious greenery? 

Of course, more plants and greenery mean more maintenance and upkeep - but it’s worth it - plus, it adds new life to your garden. Sick of just a stone slab and a few deckchairs? We think throwing in lush plants and greenery will put a smile on your face each and every time you step foot on your quaint patio space. 

The inclusion of lush plants and vibrant flowers in pots bordering your patio will brighten up an otherwise boring, basic and old patio, giving it a new lease of life.  Even in smaller spaces, the pairing of plants and a light patio pavement colour adds depth and creates a welcoming ambience. That’s right, the combination can maximise your space through colour and vibrancy - it will look like a jungle out there!

For the ultimate backyard patio design, you need all the right tools and equipment - not just gardening tools for cutting down your shrubs and keeping your plants alive. Get in touch with HSS Hire today and one of our friendly team members will arrange for you to hire some of our specialist home renovation equipment today. You can rent our Tip-Up Concrete Mixers to help you effortlessly lay out your patio for your renovation project.

You could even place some plants on your walls to help enhance your cramped patio space. This leads us to our next tip…

3. Create a vertical garden to maximise your petite patio

Although tall walls and fences can provide you with privacy, they can also seem obtrusive and make a small patio space look even smaller than it already is. That's where the small patio idea of creating a vertical garden comes in. Use plants to transform walls into a tropical getaway instead of a boring, barren concrete box that gets neglected.

  • When there is a lack of room, vertical gardens are especially advantageous since they provide precious floor space for elegant patio furniture. So, when you undergo your small patio renovation project, why not consider a vertical garden to embellish the space and make your patio more worthwhile? 
  • Decide which plant types would work best in your space and which may need more maintenance before creating a vertical garden to complement your small patio. And besides, your compact patio will not feel as picturesque if all of your plants are in bad condition - therefore, it's always worth considering how to best care for your plants.

The best patio colours to coincide with your stunning vertical garden are colours like grey and charcoal. Not only does grey look modern and contemporary against the vibrant colours of tropical plants and greenery, but it is also darker than colours like white, stone and beige, which are likely to show up more dirt and muck when they get dirty from the plants hung up beautifully on your garden wall.  

4. Embrace an Al fresco dining area on your patio

The phrase ‘al fresco’ is derived from the Italian language and roughly translates to ‘in the fresh air’. Al fresco dining is quite simply dining outside - it has a patio written all over it.  This style of dining is distinguished by elegant tablescapes, comfy seating, and a rustic aesthetic. 

Patios - no matter how big or small they are - are the perfect surface for your Al Fresco dining area. Small patios actually make for a great dining area, be it an open dining zone in the summer or a sheltered area with candlelit tables at night. 

  • Adorn your outdoor space with fairy lights and set up some stylish  - or traditional - dining furniture such as a large dining table and chairs… and voila, you have an exquisitely beautiful Al fresco dining area. You may want to redesign your patio completely to achieve this look - perhaps changing the colour of each concrete slab using our efficient sawing and cutting tool hire here at HSS Hire.  A traditional patio could also look fantastic in your Al fresco-inspired garden space. 
  • Begin by considering the patterns and colours that will complement your patio design and accomplish a true Al fresco dining area
  • Incorporating furniture and outdoor decor pieces like granite calm blues and fine, as well as white, will help you define this type of patio space. You ideally want to go with a white garden and patio aesthetic, making use of colours like blue and grey to create the right look and feel. White dining tables and chairs are a must-have. 

5. Renovate your small patio with a daring design

Even while there may not be much room to work with, small patio ideas can nevertheless be eye-catching in other ways. Create something bold by utilising the gradient and contrast of your environment. 

  • Creative use of space may be a conversation starter for guests and aid in the upkeep of your patio and garden. Consider the adjacent components, such as the stones and edging, and see if you can continue the theme in other areas of the garden. 
  • Planters provide appeal to the different strata of a sloped or asymmetrical garden and increase the amount of foliage in the area.
  • Employ a stunning paving style or pattern that takes your patio's attractiveness to a new level if you want to make a statement with it. A stylish ornamental patio design is guaranteed to spark conversation among guests and create an attention-grabbing focal point that may be emphasised by paving it with a variety of colours and textures or surrounding it with rich plants.

Find a branch near you and you can hire all the equipment you need from HSS Hire to tackle a daring design or renovation project. 

Fresco style garden patio

6. Double up on furniture and convenience with patio walling

If space is limited, you might not want to cram as much furniture or other items into the areas of the open patio. Rather than taking up all of your precious floor space with lots of bulky furniture, try to kill two birds with one stone by installing charming patio walling.

If you require patio walling, you should think about putting it down low enough to serve as seating as well. This way, you won't need to fill the area with chairs. To save spending money on extra outside lighting, consider adding illumination to walling recesses. We recommend multi-purpose garden benches or tables that can be used as regular furniture and also as storage.

Patio walling will transform your basic patio space into a Venetian or Tuscan-style garden that looks like something from Ancient Rome. If you like the idea of garden walling - you’re going to need some specialist tools to help you complete your patio project seamlessly. Hire some durable specialist equipment for your home renovation project from us and you can create your dream garden without having to source expensive equipment that will set you back.

7. Set up an outdoor café on your tiny patio

Looking to create an outdoor dining area to have your morning coffee during the warmer months or to sit and relax on a starry night? Then why not transform your outdoor patio into a charming space where you can chill, unwind, socialise and enjoy sipping on hot drinks or cocktails?

Set up a casual eating area by placing a small table between - perhaps a round wooden one - a sofa and two or more chairs. When not used for working or eating, it functions as a simple side table where you can put your morning coffee while you sit and put your feet up. 

When not in use, think about putting a few plants on it to complete the greenery and enhance the space's welcoming, cafe appearance. An outdoor coffee table - along with all other furniture and outdoor appliances - can be easily constructed by hiring some equipment from HSS Hire. We’d love to help.

Why not hire some landscaping and gardening equipment to help complete your project

8. Construct a wooden corner seat to maximise your small patio space

A little corner seat or bench will allow you to make the most of your available space. 

A bench is more useful than a chair since it can be placed in a tight position, snug against a wall and can act as a storage box on your tiny patio. A corner seat, on the other hand, ensures that you have enough room to place an outdoor table and any other furniture. 

Whether you're sunbathing in summer or catching up with loved ones with a cup of tea, a comfortable seating arrangement is a must-have for your small patio. 

Floor cushions and solar lights can also be added to boost comfort and appearance.

People around the fire pit

9. Make your patio a cosy outdoor space with a fire pit

While you might neglect your patio when the colder and darker months come about, there will be no reason to do so with a stylish fire pit. Creating your own cosy corner with a fire pit and comfortable seating around it will allow you to enjoy your patio all year round and show it some love at night time as well as during the day.

Because it takes up less visible and practical space and fosters a relaxed, quiet ambience, a round fire pit is perfect for small patios. When the fire pit isn't being used, you can cover the surface and use it as a table or footrest. 

10. Add some focal points and a feature wall to enhance your space

An outdoor feature wall may be just as effective as an inside feature wall, but if the wallpaper isn't an option, try some paintings, canvas or tiled murals as an alternative

They will not only look fabulous and attract the attention of anyone who steps foot on your patio, but they could also be the focal point of the patio, drawing attention away from everything else - including the patio and slabs themselves.

Ready to create the small patio of dreams? Let us help

We want you to be able to enjoy your small patio as much as you can by transforming it into a space you love. For that reason, you should take advantage of our wide availability, flexible loan terms, and impeccable customer service for the prompt delivery of the tools you need most. 

If you would like to find out more about how HSS Hire can help you complete your dream patio, home or garden renovation project by providing all the right specialist equipment, get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to assist.

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