Easy ways to Stay Cool this Summer (Even without AC)

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Summer is here, which means all of us will be looking for ways to stay cool. Of course, staying inside with good air conditioning is your best bet, but there are lots of other ways to stay cool if you don’t have AC or when you want to get out in the sunshine.

Keeping Cool Whilst Working from Home

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Keeping blinds and curtains drawn during the day, at least when the sun is shining  the most, can help to keep the house cool. Sun shining in through a window can create a ‘greenhouse’ effect where the room will become especially hot. By keeping blinds and curtains drawn, you can reduce this effect and keep the temperature lower. Depending on where your windows face, you may be able to have them open in either the morning or afternoon, once the sun has moved.

How to keep your house cool: Top tips for tackling the heat

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If your house tends to overheat in the summer months, you might be dreading the rising temperatures. Before we know it, summer will be upon us, and we will all be looking desperately for ways to cool the house down.Now, there are lots of things you can do to cool down your home in hot weather so that you can rest easy, no matter how high the mercury rises.Here at HSS, we’ve been leasing out the highest quality cooling equipment for decades, giving customers everything they need to tackle the summer heat. In that time, we’ve learnt all of the best techniques and identified all of the most effective equipment to keep the heat away.Read our tips on how you can lower the temperature indoors in the simplest and most effective ways possible.

Which Type of Air Conditioner is Right for You?

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-With summer weather finally putting in an appearance, you may find that your home or business is starting to get a bit stuffy. If you don’t have any cooling system within your premises it might be worth opting for air conditioner hire.


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