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ECO Friendly Building Materials

February 21st 2020

Over recent years it has become increasingly more apparent that changes need to be made in order to combat the effects of climate change. One of the things which does impact the environment is the materials which are being used in building & siteworks; however, there are now a variety of materials which are deemed ‘Eco Friendly’ which can be used in the same manner and reduce the harmful effects.

Bamboo for Buildings

Bamboo is one of the best replacement materials for expensive and heavily imported building materials. It also makes a great alternative to concrete and rebar construction. As Bamboo is a natural resource which grows in abundance in many parts of the world, it makes a great eco friendly building material. Rather than the use of bamboo in construction having a negative impact on bamboo forests, it will instead encourage farmers to develop plantations and further use bamboo in other parts of their lives.


Timbercrete is a mixture of sawdust and concrete. It tends to be much lighter than pure concrete due to it being part sawdust, which is much lighter. Concrete itself is considered to be highly energy intensive so using sawdust to partially replace the concrete helps to negate some of the negative effects of concrete. It is an incredibly versatile material which can be shaped into bricks and blocks.

Recycled Plastics

Recycled plastics can be used to make a sort of concrete. Ground up rubbish and recycled plastic can be used as a concrete in building operations. This not only reduces the use of concrete but helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilising plastic waste in a beneficial way preventing it from clogging up in landfills. Plastic is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the environment, so any method of utilising it instead of wasting it will be useful.

Straw Bales

Straw can actually be used in a variety of ways within construction; it can be used as a replacement for concrete, plaster, wood, fiberglass and stone when it comes to building things such as walls. It naturally has high fire retardance and works well at insulating. Straw bale is a naturally renewable resource which can be utilised in construction.

Utilising these eco-friendly resources within construction can help to preserve some of the worlds scarcest resources which in turn can help reduce environmental pollution.

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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