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Cleaning and Maintenance

Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

November 21st 2019

With the holiday season just around the corner we’ve no doubt you’ll be busy with plenty of family gatherings. After all, what is Christmas for if not to get your friends and family around the dinner table to enjoy the festivities? Homes up and down the country are going to be on the receiving end of the traditional Christmas makeover. You’ve probably thought about dusting off your special crockery, where the tree is going, but have you thought about putting your outdoor decorations up, cleaning your carpets or maybe you have a more drastic plan to change the style of your home?

Gift your Carpets

Fortunately HSS Hire has got you covered with our carpet cleaner. So you’ve no need to worry about those unmovable dog hairs, the coffee stain you’ve been hiding under the sofa, because with HSS Hire your floors will look 5-star.

Festive Decorating!

DIY santa

If it is more drastic and you’re planning a change in style, then HSS have everything you need. With our easy-to-use floor sander and professional wallpaper stripper. Our heavy-duty floor sander is perfect for renovating old board, traditional parquet and wood block floors, removing imperfections, old finishes and most decorative stains to leave the surface ready for varnishing or polishing. Our Professional Wallpaper Stripper is a fast and effective way to remove all types of wallpaper, vinyl, woodchip and decorative wall coverings.

Once you’ve polished, hoovered or sandered your living room or festive areas then why not consider some whimsical and home-made christmas decorations?

Santa’s Runway

Don’t forget the outside! If your patio area or driveway is in need of a rinse in the run up to Christmas, HSS’s compact and versatile power washer is ideal for a range of cleaning jobs. With an operating pressure of up to 130bar, this high pressure washer is a true all-rounder for fast thorough cleaning jobs such as hosing down patio areas and decking. We also have a range of push up ladders to assist with installing your outdoor lights and decorations.


About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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