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10 Best Plumbing Tools: Must-Have Tools for Plumbers

November 20th 2023

For any professional plumber or those who like to get stuck in to their own DIY plumbing jobs, having top-quality tools is essential. But what tools should a plumber have in their tool box?

Here at HSS, we have put together a list of 10 must-have plumbing tools that we think will be suitable for all plumbing jobs, whether you've been a plumber by trade for years, if you're just starting out in your plumbing career or doing some home improvements.

Our Top 10 Tools

  1. Plunger - One of the most common plumbing jobs is blocked drains. Different things could be the cause of a blockage and a plunger could help as it creates an air tight seal around the drain and helps push the clog through the pipe. You can use a plunger for sinks, baths or toilets.
  2. Wrenches - Plumbers may need to get inside piping work or install new pipes in your kitchen and bathroom area, so they'll need a decent wrench. They can wrap and grip tightly around pipes and their fittings, which is ideal for when a repair is needed quickly. There are different types of wrenches such as pipe wrenches, adjustable, basin, faucet & torque wrenches.
  3. Augers & Drain Snakes - Referred to as the same thing, augers and drain snakes would be used as the next point of call to unblock drains when a plunger has been unsuccessful. With a thin, flexible body, you can use these tools to dislodge whatever is clogging your pipes.
  4. Drain Rods - Drain rods work together to loosen any debris that is causing a blockage. By putting enough rods together to cover the entire perimeter of the drain you're unblocking, the rods can encourage water to start flowing again and get rid of whatever has blocked your kitchen or bathroom pipes.
  5. Hacksaws - If you need to replace old piping or fix existing pipes, you'll need a hacksaw to cut the pieces of material you'll need for the installation. A hacksaw can cut through metal pipes as well as plastic and can be used by professional plumbers or anyone taking on their own DIY projects.
  6. Pipe Cutters - Like a hacksaw, you can use pipe cutters when working on old pipes or to construct new piping around your home or whilst on site. Pipe cutters produce a clean cut & can cut pipes quick & efficiently.
  7. Pipe Bender - When installing new copper or steel pipes, you'll need a pipe bender. This tool will help you to bend and create angles in your kitchen or bathroom piping without ruining it.
  8. Propane Torch - Plumbers use this tool when installing new piping. The torch solders copper water pipes and tightly joins them together. You can also use a propane torch to loosen bolts or to soften old paint.
  9. Caulk & Caulking Gun - Caulk is a must-have for plumbers as it it used to create a water tight seal around leaking pipes. Also used to fill gaps, using a caulking gun allows you to be precise when applying the caulk around bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks and other areas that need waterproofing.
  10. Goggles - From chemical splashes, to dust & heat, as a plumber you'll come in to contact with many things so keeping yourself protected is a necessity. At HSS, we have a wide range of safety goggles that will shield your eyes
  11. Although we said 10 tools, we can't forget another crucial thing you need to add to your tool box - Gloves. During your day to day plumbing work, you'll come across different blockages and may use chemicals so you'll need to make sure your skin is protected. Not only will you want to keep your hands protected but the gloves will help you grip to pipes and fastening easier in wet conditions.

Whether you choose all or some of the tools we have suggested or have other plumbing tools in mind to add to your collection, you'll find all you need at HSS.

If you need any help or more information about plumbing tools, get in touch with our live chat experts who are online and happy to help or contact your local HSS store.

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Samina is a member of the E-commerce team. She has plenty of product knowledge & enjoys writing about all things DIY.

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