Fan, Gas or Ceramic: Which Heating Solution is Best?

January 11th 2017

Ceramic Heaters Versus Gas or Fan

As it gets closer to winter, you may be starting to think about what your heating options are. Whether you want to heat your home, office or work site, there are lots of good options out there. Ceramic, fan and gas heating solutions are some of the most common types of heating options, and each has its distinct benefits.

Types of Heaters

When you understand what each type of heater has to offer and what makes each one stand out, you can choose the heating solution that is best for you. Here, we cover three of the most popular heaters; ceramic heater, fan and gas heaters, listing advantages and what marks them as being different.

Fan Heaters

As you might imagine, the main component of a fan heater is the fan, which moves air over a heating element and then into the room. The most common source of heat for fan heaters is electricity. Portable models are plugged into a power outlet, which provides the heat to warm the air being passed through the heater.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of heater is speed. Fan heaters can warm up enclosed rooms faster than other types of heaters. This option is also usually very affordable.

Since the heat produced by these heaters is immediately moved away from the heater and into the room, they pose little risk of overheating and come in smaller sizes.

Many fan heaters have settings that allow you to adjust how much heat is dispersed and some even have a thermostat so you can choose a specific temperature.

Because the fan in these heaters is constantly moving to spread heat, fan heaters can be noisier than other types of heaters. But, many manufacturers work to make the heaters as quiet as possible, so you may be able to find a quieter model.

Another thing to keep in mind about fan heaters is that they cannot be used in areas where they could get wet or where it is very humid. So, restrooms and shower areas are not good places for fan heaters.

Most models come with safety features that help prevent overheating and fires. Heaters with steel bodies can be safer than those with plastic bodies, which could melt if the heater doesn’t function properly.

Fan heaters are perfect for spaces that are not damp or humid and that are enclosed. Depending on their size, they are capable of heating larger rooms and excel at heating up areas very quickly.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters produce heat as they burn natural gas. Some models use butane, propane or liquefied petroleum gas, but natural gas is the most common fuel for this type of heater.

Natural gas is very affordable, so running a gas heater can be budget friendly. This kind of gas is also very clean, so it is good for the environment, which is an added benefit of using a gas heater.

Portable gas space heaters don’t usually have a flue. Because of this, it is especially important that you follow safety precautions because natural gas can be very combustible. These heaters need to be used in an area that is well ventilated and should only be used under direct supervision.

Most gas heaters are designed to turn off if they fall over or overheat. This safety feature makes gas heaters even safer for your home or office.

These kinds of heaters provide a very warm heat and are excellent for supplementing an existing heating system. Natural gas is a popular heating option for homes because it provides a very comfortable heat, making the home feel warm and cozy all winter. Gas heaters are also very effective, so they can be used in a variety of places.

Ceramic Heaters

Firstly, what are ceramic heaters? Well, ceramic heaters provide heat by sending electricity through ceramic plates. As the plates get warmer, they heat up aluminium baffles. Then, a fan blows the warm air from the baffles and into the room.

Advantages to using a ceramic heater

One of the many benefits of using a ceramic heater is that it provides a constant source of heat but doesn’t get hot enough to pose a fire hazard or burn risk. Since the heating elements in a ceramic heater are completely surrounded by the ceramic parts, this heater is safer than some other types that can produce sparks or other safety hazards if the heating elements fail.

These kinds of heaters provide a lot of heat for their size and are ideal for smaller areas, like offices or dens or to provide extra heating in colder areas. You can also use these heaters in front of windows to reduce draughts, which can help keep an entire room warmer during the winter.

Most ceramic heaters can be set to two different temperatures so you can regulate how much heat your unit emits. This option is very affordable and is a great choice if you are looking for something to supplement your main source of heating or to heat up a smaller room.

How to Choose the Best Heater

When you know what each type of heater has to offer, and what each one does best, you can decide which one is right for your situation. The first step is to decide what kind of area you need to heat. For example, if you need to heat a larger area, a ceramic heater probably isn’t the best choice. If you are looking for an affordable heater that is environmentally friendly, a natural gas heater would be a good option.

Then, decide what your specific needs are. Things like cost effectiveness, temperature control and comfort are all things to consider when choosing a heater. While all of these heaters will help you stay warm, the way they provide heat and the type of heat they provide can make a difference in how effective they are in different situations.

Assess your needs and personal opinions about each kind of heater, think about what you want out of a heater, and then choose the one that is best for you. When you install your heater safely and start using it to heat your home or office, you’ll be glad you invested in good space heater this winter.

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