Preventing Theft on Construction Sites

August 9th 2019

A 2018 survey from the Federation of Master Builders found that half of builders are victims of tool theft; 46% of those affected by van tool theft had their side panel or door broken, pierced or prised open. Although vans are highly susceptible to crime, tools are often stolen from building and construction sites. Construction site theft is not only a great inconvenience but can leave workers feeling unsafe, impacting productivity and business performance. Whilst tool theft is not always avoidable, it is essential that your site has a place to secure the most valuable equipment and take necessary steps to protect both your construction site and your bottom line as effectively as possible.

Lighting Keeping your site well-lit out of hours can be a deterrent for thieves, they are far less likely to attempt to steal from somewhere that is lit up. You can get a range of different lighting to protect your site including lighting towers; the size and amount of lights you would need depends on the size of your site.



A lot of theft, especially job site theft is done by opportunist thieves. Therefore, if your site looks difficult to break into or is an unattractive target it is less likely to be targeted. These types of thieves will sooner look for an easier target rather than waste time trying to access your site. Adding some kind of fencing, will help to both keep thieves out and deter them from trying in the first place.


Surveillance is important on construction sites as it provides you with evidence should you be the victim of theft, moreover; it also helps to deter thieves as they are less likely to target a construction site which has an array of surveillance equipment. Make sure to also put a range of signs and warnings up around the site to warn of the surveillance equipment to deter any potential thieves from even attempting to enter the site.


As much as it is important to make sure you’re entire site is as secure as possible, it is also essential that you have secure spaces to store your most valuable equipment so that if they do enter your site, they will struggle to do the most damage.


The Armorgard Fitting store is a secure storage cabinet designed to store smaller tools and accessories. This cabinet has maximum security to ensure your most valuable small tools are kept as safe as possible. The cabinet has a 5-lever deadlock in order to keep your tools safe and secure should it be necessary.

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About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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