Get Your Garden Ready For Autumn

September 5th 2023

There’s no reason you can’t keep enjoying your garden in autumn, but there are some steps you should take to make sure it’s ready for the unpredictable weather. We’ve already given you some ideas for what you can do to prepare your home for the autumn season, but what about your garden? Strong wings and heavy rain can cause problems – so make sure you are well prepared by following these steps.

Secure unfixed garden furniture

Autumn can bring with it some pretty unpredictable weather. Strong winds and storms can displace your garden furniture, especially if they’re not properly secured. Think of everything in your garden which isn’t in a fixed position and consider ways to protect them from damage. You can either store these items in a sheltered area, such as a shed or garage during extreme weather, or you can cover and secure them. This will ensure that they don’t become damaged, or a hazard during strong winds. As well as patio furniture make sure that you move any potted plants into a sheltered area so that they don’t get blown over and damaged in a storm.

Make sure your fencing is secure


If you have a fence then you’ll want to make sure it is secure before it’s too late. If a strong wind exposes your unsecured fencing then you’re going to be left with reduced privacy/security, a bill to pay for replacement and potential damage to the rest of your garden. If you find any of your fences are loose then you’ll need to ensure they are replaced or properly fixed. You can follow our guide on how to erect a fence if you are comfortable with DIY, or call a professional. To prevent your fence from rotting make sure you coat in in a preservative at least every two years. A rotted fence will offer little protection from the strong winds so it may be a good time to re-coat your fence if you haven’t in a while.

Assess the risks of hanging tree branches

If you have any overhanging branches which you think could become hazardous in extreme weather then you’ll need to address this before any strong winds. Firstly make sure you clear any valuables out of the way of suspect branches. If the branches are small and can be dealt with a hedge trimmer then you can tidy it up yourself. However, if you have any doubts make sure you contact a professional as it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Secure your shed or outhouse


Sheds can be a sanctuary for many homeowners. A place where they can kickback and relax or pursue a hobby from model making to home brewing. So, if you have a lot to lose from your shed being damaged make sure you protect anything valuable and secure the structure itself. If you keep any fragile or precious items in your shed and you’re not confident that your shed is completely weatherproof then it might be a good idea to move them indoors. Make sure any loose tiles on the shed roof are sorted out, and that windows/doors are properly sealed and secure. If you have any tools in your garden make sure they’re moved indoors too.

Hire a generator

If you have parts of your garden where you don’t have access to electricity or you’re in a remote area which suffers blackouts often – then a generator might be of use. You can hire a portable generator from us for a minimum of 4 weeks, which can allow you to remain switched on in adverse weather conditions. This can be important from a safety aspect, as well as ensuring a blackout doesn’t ruin an event.

You can view our vast selection of generators on the link below:

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